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Grape Squash

Grape squash is a squash plant grown alongside Oat Corn as a nitrogen fixer. It grows wild in the marshy areas of the Forgotten World, and was domesticated in the past 200 years, since the great plague.

Appearance and Use

Grape squash has broad, light-colored leaves. The squashes themselves are purple and lumpy, and resemble a bunch of grapes. The squash has a very stringy texture and a slightly bitter taste, and is mainly used as animal feed except in times of famine.

The plant has several agricultural uses. It is a nitrogen fixer, and negates the need for crop rotation when it is grown in a field alongside oat corn. Its broad leaves additionally shield the soil from the sun, discouraging weeds.


Grape squash allows greater quantities of food to be grown in the limited space of a village. Without a sister plant, oat corn could not be grown sustainably, and the villages could not feed themselves long-term.


Grape squash is susceptible to infection. It may also become cursed by Yon, God of Air if a farmer angers the god. Infected plants have a dark color and sweet smell, and the infection can spread to nearby oat corn crops. In the case of an oat corn infection, a village may become abandoned.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Creation Date
30 SP
Related ethnicities
Related Condition
Very Common


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