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There are two ways for a human to become a monster. First, they might come into contact with a monster or an infected person and contract the plague. Second, they may anger their god and become cursed. The progression of symptoms that both cases hold in common is known as corruption.

Transmission & Vectors

Infection can be spread by contact with monsters, as well as contact with other infected humans. A monster created by a curse will be infectious once their transformation is complete, but not while they are undergoing transformation.


Once the initial virus-like symptoms of an infection have passed, corruption for a given god looks the same for both infections and curses. Corruption generally lasts no more than a day or two before the afflicted person is no longer recognizable as human. However, the progression of symptoms is unique to each god.


There is no cure for corruption once it begins. The only course of action is to banish the afflicted person before they lose their human memories and attack the village. After a person is banished, their loved ones create an effigy which is given burial rites.


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