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Illethia Ailerion

I'm an absolute failure. I mess up, I drag everyone down, and I'm never good enough. Then again, we're all just trying to live life as best as we know how, and sometimes we mess up. But you know what? That's okay! I shouldn't always blame myself, and neither should you so... Chin up, okay?
Illethia Ailerion


Although a sorcerer of considerable strength, Illethia Ailerion is a charming young woman who works at her father's humble tavern. Aspiring for more, however, she intends to become the Astral Scholar, a powerful position given only to the most formidable sorcerer that there is. Such pursuit is one not necessarily motivated by a need for power or for some noble goal. Rather it is simply a means for Illethia to compensate towards her mother's unrealized ambitions — something the other had to sacrifice after conceiving her daughter. However, she is constantly at odds against those far stronger than her, thus perpetually finding herself at risk of failure.

Physical Description

Body Features

Illethia is a petite woman who bears a slight resemblance to her cat, Millie, through her ginger hair and hazel eyes. Due to her warm smile, her soft look radiates with optimism. Her eyes transition into a violet hue with two white rings circling her pupils when channeling her powers.

Special abilities

She possesses a Star Constitution and therefore specializes in the schools of evocation and arcane magic. She spends much of her focus on destructive spells, amplifying the magnitude of her powers with the use of phantasms. As such, not only is she agile through her teleporting and time-warping abilities but so is she rather deadly. However, her focus on spell power causes her to ultimately fall short on endurance, creating a huge disadvantage in prolonged fights.

As a third-tier magic user, she can learn a maximum of six spells. Universal abilities do not count.

Read List of Spells


  • Ethereal Flow (Universal)
    Triggers a surge of mana to flow throughout the mystic's body, creating a luminescent glow in their eyes. This sharpens their reflexes and agility while producing superhuman strength and activating their regenerative abilities.
  • Regeneration (Universal)
    A passive that naturally tends to open wounds. Severe injuries generally take longer to heal, but the stronger the mystic, the faster the process. There are some situations where this passive cannot operate. For example, one cannot regenerate lost limbs due to severed nerves.
  • Restoration (Universal)
    The process of transferring mana to another mystic, increasing their regenerating activity and healing them as a result. Currently at its weakest form.
  • Siphoning (Universal)
    The process of channeling mana from ley lines or through other users and souls.
  • Suppression (Universal)
    The act of weakening the flow of mana or outright concealing it. It is usually as a means to avoid detection by others but is generally ineffective against shamans stronger than the individual due to their perceptive abilities.
  • Time Warp (Distortion)
    Creates a bubble that slows down the movement of anybody and anything caught within it, except for the mystic.
  • Lightspeed (Distortion)
    Warps a caster over short distances. This spell allows the mystic to hold various advantages in battle. However, its use is very limited when a fight is drawn out, whereby a mystic is required to sustain as much mana as possible.


  • Starfire (Destruction)
    A basic spell that propels an astral ball towards an enemy.
    • Astral Wrath
      Launches a barrage of astral projectiles.
  • Shooting Stars (Destruction)
    Summons multiple glyphs above the sorcerer that shoots out a wave of astral projectiles, causing deadly explosions to any nearby enemy upon impact.
  • Aegis (Abjuration)
    Surrounds the mystic in a protective barrier and can expand in size to help shield another person. This defensive spell, however, can shatter if it absorbs too much damage.
  • Phantasms (Conjuration/Illusion)
    Creates various mirror images to confuse or deal an exponential amount of damage to an opponent. The number of phantasms that are conjured depends entirely on the caster’s level of proficiency. Since Illethia is a third-tier sorcerer, she is able to summon three.

Apparel & Accessories

She has a simple but elegant style and is particularly drawn to any red, white, and/or pink clothing. Her casual attire, which she also wears for work, consists of a ruffle blouse with a red cross over tie and a maroon flared skirt that reaches down to her lower legs. During special occasions, she likes to decorate her hair with flowers while wearing a chiffon gown.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

She is well-versed in a variety of theoretical concepts, especially those pertaining to history, anthropology, and magic. She is very interpersonal through her warm personality and actively tries to meet everyone's emotional needs. Due to her lack of experience, she is not the best at concocting intricate plans alone, but many find her knowledge invaluable.

Morality & Philosophy

I guess I'm just too optimistic. Or really naive. Maybe a bit of both, actually. But I'm hoping one day we'll understand each other.
As much as possible, Illethia maintains a relativistic perspective, believing that nobody is truly in the wrong or the right in the grander scheme of things. Not only is she open-minded as a result but she is also idealistic because of this. Like her father, Alwyn, she hopes that the enmity between the Volaines and the Ithicans will one day subside. However considering the circumstances at hand, she knows deep down that such a thing is currently impossible. Although her capabilities as a sorcerer are deadly to anyone she encounters, she struggles to kill due to her idealism.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Read Strengths

  • Book-Smart - She can use her vast array of knowledge to benefit her and other people. This makes her an excellent informant when she plays the role.
  • Empathetic - Her ability to delicately deal with other people's emotions tends to draws out the best in them. She is therefore often known to be the "glue that keeps everyone together."
  • Optimistic - She tries her best to see the light in things, giving her the emotional strength to move forward.
  • Determined - Although disorganized and too spontaneous at times, she is nonetheless resolute towards her goals and is committed to making the necessary steps to improve herself.
  • Open-Minded - She likes to expand her knowledge and apply it to herself. This not only pertains to peculiar topics from just books but also her observations of other people, such as their use of magic.
  • Combat Abilities (Spell Power & Mobility) - Her mobility, as a result of her teleporting and time-warping abilities, makes her a slippery opponent. Due to her refined mental fortitude, her phantasms last for extensive periods of time, capable of performing more complex tasks instead of mere replication. This dramatically increases the spell power of her environmental attacks, but it often drains her reservoir of mana fairly quickly. Because of this, she tends to find herself at a disadvantage in drawn-out fights. Such circumstance generally requires close-combat as a last resort, which is unfortunately outside her expertise as well.

Vices & Personality flaws

Read Flaws
  • Pacficism - Unlike many of those around her, Illethia did not directly experience a wartorn environment. This caused her to develop a sense of pacifism, and while it is not inherently a negative trait, it does put her at a disadvantage. At most, she tries to put her opponents in a situation where they can no longer fight. However, she is inevitably ill-suited in situations that require the act of taking another person's life.
  • Lack of Self-Care - She may be empathetic towards other people, but she fails to do the same for herself. Her innate fear of being a burden towards other people causes her to overcompensate while failing to voice her own needs. This, of course, drains her emotionally as she maintains her cheery facade.
  • Fear of Failure - Due to her fear of being a burden, she cannot tolerate failure. She is known to be too hard on herself and is unable to give herself some credit.
  • Prone to Self-Blaming - Like Ains, she has a habit of blaming herself, even if the situation is beyond her control.

Personality Quirks

Read Quirks

  • She likes to project a persona onto her cat, sometimes in her head and sometimes out loud.
  • In the tavern, she helps her father's business by using her phantasms to clean and cook. Over the course of three years, this significantly honed her mental fortitude.
  • Has a sweet tooth and especially loves mille crepe cakes. However, she isn't a fan of overly sweet things.
  • She's good at remembering facts about other people. This especially includes their likes and dislikes, so that she can make them a nice birthday gift.


Illethia always has a fruity scent to her and overall maintains good hygiene. Other than that, she is an absolute mess, and the cat fur that lays around her room doesn't help either. She ironically claims to be "organized" in her mess which, in a way, is true. At least she is able to find her stuff. Not so much when Ains' neat freak habits get in the way.


Family Ties

Illethia's mother is a former scholar, and her father is a local tavernkeeper. Her childhood was better than most, but it was nevertheless lacking. In her youth, her mother was a sorcerer who once had great potential, so much so that she could have been the Astral Scholar. That was until she unexpectedly had Illethia. Unable to realize her dreams, she inevitably felt like a failure in life. This is something Illethia noticed early on, creating a deep sense of guilt for her. As for her father, Alwyn was absent for a huge portion of her life until she moved in with him three years ago. Although their relationship improved, there are some things that cannot be fixed.

Religious Views

Illethia has grown increasingly skeptical towards the Solistryn faith over the years. This is especially so after gaining some insight from the Volaine culture. While she still does adhere to some of its practices, she does so out of tradition rather than religious piety.

Social Aptitude

She radiates a cheery and outgoing demeanor, though she can occasionally be timid due to her nonconfrontational personality. There are times when she prefers to be alone, and this is sometimes a result of her massive workload. In most cases, however, she does so when feeling down. Although she extends a helping hand to others, she apparently doesn't like to trouble anyone with her emotions, even to those closest to her.


Read Mannerisms
  • She slightly raises her shoulders when she is genuinely happy.
  • Usually mumbles "Happy thoughts, happy thoughts." to herself to maintain her optimism.
  • She randomly hums or sings when daydreaming, but she immediately stops the moment someone points it out.
  • Even when there is no reason to apologize, she often slips in a sorry.

Hobbies & Pets

As an aspiring scholar, she hoards on any books she comes across, including Volaine texts, hoping the information within it will benefit her future career. She also loves to bake various sweets at her father's tavern, and because of Ains, she's seeking ways to improve her hairstyling whenever she can. About three years ago, Illethia adopted Millie, a golden short-haired cat, and has since been extremely affectionate towards her.


She is bubbly but also soft-spoken, hardly ever raising her voice. Ironically, there are times when she is not the most articulate person, especially when describing something, so she frequently says "thingy." In addition, she doesn't like to swear and prefers euphemisms instead.


Ains Ravenwood

Roommate & Coworker (Vital)

Towards Illethia Ailerion



Illethia Ailerion

Roommate & Coworker (Vital)

Towards Ains Ravenwood



Illethia Ailerion

Daughter (Vital)

Towards Alwyn Ailerion



Alwyn Ailerion

Father (Vital)

Towards Illethia Ailerion



Althea Grissini

Mother (Important)

Towards Illethia Ailerion



Illethia Ailerion

Daughter (Vital)

Towards Althea Grissini



Neutral Good
Year of Birth
1055 A.E. 20 Years old
Current Residence
The Red Reverie
Biological Sex
Hazel / Violet (magic)
Long, Ginger
168 cm (5'6")
56.7 kg (125 lb)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Happy thoughts, happy thoughts."

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Character Portrait image: Illethia Ailerion by Chaosringen


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