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Azurlets are magical flowers native to the region of Volana. Their luminescent effect is due to their proximity to the World Tree, the source of all leylines. The majority of their nutrients are from mana, and as such, these flowers can survive without soil or water. Because of this, they are said to never wither.

Their petals often come in blues, lavenders or pink, but a more uncommon variation are petals consisting of all three hues. These colors are heavy in symbolism. Blue symbolizes loyalty and friendship, whereas lavender represents passion. Pink may indicate good health, but it also suggests purity or pure love. The three-colored azurlet encompasses all of these meanings by signifying unconditional or eternal love.

Azurlets are frequently used for decorative purposes, whether they be wreaths, bouquets, or corsages. Their function also extends to other fields. One can harvest a glowing crystal from the flower, which is equivalent to a human soul, and use it for alchemic purposes. In addition, Volaines use them as their primary source of lighting, dominating the cultural landscape with purples and blues. For indoor areas, the Volaines cover pink crystals with yellow-tinted glass to create a warmer atmosphere, although some prefer fire instead. An azurlet’s radiance is naturally intense, but it can be dimmed by siphoning a portion of its mana.

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