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Brio-Tipped Arrowheads

Many cultures and empires have discovered the powerful uses of Brio Crystals, and many easily make the jump to using them as part of powerful weapons and ammo. They have been in use almost as long as civilisation has, though over time they have matured, been refined, made into many variations. In the earliest years, they often so volatile and primitive that they could just as easily harm your own side more than the enemies.


The most simple way they are used is for their explosive properties when ruptured, and because of this they very quickly became suited to ranged warfare. The first recorded uses are by the Glacians in simple slings, used for hunting and sealing off rocky passes to trap animals. They however were only with Illis crystals, so they're impact and uses were extremely limited.   Brio-Tipped weapons really started to become effective when they were added as arrowheads. Even a simple Illis crystal could effectively kill a single opponent if they were struck, though the often irregular shape (at least when compared to a metal or stone arrowhead) made them less accurate than traditional arrows. Soon they were refined and metal caps were added to help keep them aerodynamic.    From here they development split; into more refined arrows (eventually to also include Horde Crystals), and onto larger ranged ammo; that of ballista bolts. The arrows would culminate in the whistling variation of Horde-Tipped arrows that were originally developed by the Enoh. These would cause a terrifying whistle as they were launched; a warning to their foes that their end was upon them. The Horde crystals caused such a violent explosion that entire squads and groups were eviscerated by a single arrow.      As for the ballista bolts, these were less common given how powerful a ballista bolt is on its own. However, sometimes the explosion was needed to break open a defence; in walls, armour, or great beasts. The crystals attached to the bolts were more crude, their extreme power and speed allowing for less refined attachment. During testing, they were also considered for the Khasmari Tramlance, though it was deemed both unnecessary and too dangerous.    Lastly, various other Brio-Tipped weapons have been used, though sporadically and to lesser effect; these include on catapults and trebuchets amongst other things.


They are recorded being used across all major conflicts across all continents of Eptan. Given the rarity of the more powerful Brio Crystals, their use ranges in both effectiveness and amount, however. The Enoh are particularly adapt at using them in an offensive manner, and are one of the reasons for their power and growth.
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