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WorldEmber 2019

Hello fellow Anvilites!   It's time for WorldEmber, that once-a-year competition when literally everything gets done at once and all of the hype I've been holding back the whole year finally pays off. This is the happy time of the year when it physically manifests onto this wonderful website and is finally visible to all of you!   But first, a retrospective:   Last WorldEmber was me fixing a lot of missing links behind the scenes and finally getting involved with the WA community for the first time. I subscribed to their Twitch in January (remember the drinking game?) and got my Journeyman subscription in May. I've been here on-and-off ever since.   Then came Summer Camp. I did the double Summer Camp, which tired me out (you can see my progress at Summer Camp Progress). But, more importantly, I also delved into Orkanis for the first time, giving you industrial technology, weird magic, and maybe some racing snakes...   After that was the Kyanite challenge, where my story (It Eats At Our Table) made it onto the shortlist! It was the first time that my long-form prose writing found its way to this website and people really liked it. Literally; there were a lot of likes on the article. 
But enough history! This year's WorldEmber follows the crazy last-minute success of NaNoWriMo 2019 - where I wrote nine thousand two hundred words in one day, which I do NOT want to do again - and has this for general goals:  
  • There are a half-dozen or so pages related to the Return of Xernar to add in to get myself caught up to The Drakeslayers' shenanigans, as well as the report for their winter sessions (including a new player!) 
  • What is Limbo? Who are the Seven? Where is Renath or Dreandril? It's a little bit of everything as the multiverse gets bigger and deeper.
  • New background headers and art!
  • No specific word count, as I want a little more freedom to do what I need to do.
Anyways, watch your anvils everyone, and see you around the forge :)

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