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The Dark Lightning

The idea that a device would be capable of discharging “black lightning” sounds far-fetched. But I’ve seen enough oddities in my years at the Sophos to tolerate quite a bit of embellishment if there is truth to be found in this. It certainly would be a magical item of great interest if it or a similar artifact could be studied.
— footnote to a description of the Dark Lightning
  Unfortunately, most of what we know about the dreaded weapon of the Skulldigger monarchs is hearsay and conjecture. In fact, the only complete account we have of the device comes from a journal whose author died and was later found by an explorer before being donated to the Endless Sophos. Despite this, it is better than having nothing at all, especially if the rumours surrounding its manufacture are true…  

Sinister Reminder

The description of the Dark Lightning - the name itself being supplied by the writer - lists it as a rod of black iron with a metal alloy inlay. When used, sections of the rod near the head would separate and fan out in a cone-like shape. The “black lightning” created by the device would discharge as needed, and the user would cause the rod to reassemble into its original unprimed state.
CW: death, violence, electrocution, fire.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Current Location
Current Holder
~180 cm long

Manufacture and Origin

No one is quite certain who created this artifact. However, a recently unearthed cache of Zarkul Empire weaponry in the Hemtal Mountains of Galeo contained devices of similar shape.   If the Dark Lightning is a device of Zarazin make, then it has been remarkably well-preserved and modified to produce this effect. If that is true, the technological implications for Dreandril could be immense, as Zarazin devices are famously difficult to adapt or manufacture.
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