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AAyakrûl the Merciless (A-ya-krool)

Our party was roped together and force-marched about three hours to a large camp...   After being poked and prodded forward for an eternity, we were brought before a gigantic figure, bigger than the other Cudgelkin of the camp. Her hand also rested against a strange rod or staff of black iron that glowed with purple light. She was sitting in a throne made of skulls and bones, as if her sheer size and menacing glare were not intimidating enough!   "The punishment for intruding on Skulldigger land is death." she said fluently and coldly. I do not know how long we have left before-
— an anonymous blood-stained travelling journal found in the Endless Sophos
  This is one of the few accounts we have of the terrifying figure known as AAyakrûl the Merciless, Queen of the Seventeen Skulls and ruler of a vast stretch of the Marpic Mountains. The Confeder-ation of Marpic has tried time and time again to oust her from the region, barter with her, try to get her to sign their charters. None have survived the encounter.  

Queen of the Marpic Mountains

She succeeded her mother, the infamous VuyAAkrûl the Hammer, at a young age. Some claim that she did this by killing off all the other contenders for the throne in single combat. In any case, she has reigned for the past twenty-nine years without any major rivals or any deals with outside nations.   Instead, she has become known as the most monstrous of all Skulldigger leaders. Under her leadership, travelling bands of pilgrims and traders have been waylaid on the mountain passes, losing their money, their livestock, or their lives. Despite many claims from the city-states of the Confederation, nothing has been done to stop her.
CW: confinement, death, war, tying with rope
Current Location
245 cm
345 kg
Aligned Organization

Her Dark Lightning

The Dark Lightning is the name given to the immense staff of black iron carried by the Skulldigger monarchs for centuries. The device is believed to have been scavenged from some immense Zarkul Empire weapon, which has also given the Skulldiggers access to a variety of powerful magical devices. No one is quite certain what it does, beyond the fact that black lightning flashes along its length in sunlight.
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