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Sweetsong Butterfly

Just as we camped for the night in the shadow of the mountain [of Gharan Minayen], we heard a loud thrumming in the distance. We worried initially that it was a band of Cudgelkin on the move, and made sure our encampment was concealed accordingly.   It wasn't until the sun set that we realized our mistake. As we sat in our tents and shelters, we watched as thousands of butterflies flew overhead. Their wings shone like fire in the twilight.
  The swarm of Sweetsong Butterflies that Elrik and his expedition saw that night was the first time the insects had been seen in centuries. Elrik and other explorers' later observations proved that the butterflies were endemic to that particular valley of the Whistlepeaks. They were unique; none could be found anywhere else in the world.  

Musical Adaptation

The Sweetsong is named for the strange relationship that the creatures have to music. Naturally they would use the musical song of the Whistlepeaks' shape to orient themselves in the valley, but being able to detect such minute sounds does not appear to be the only musical side of their biology. Indeed, it seems that the butterflies can produce their own music by rhythmically beating their wings against the sides of trees and branches. The sound is similar to a drum beat and is believed to help them attract other butterflies during mating season.  

Migration Patterns

It is presumed that the Sweetsong migrates during certain times of the year like other butterflies. Theories range from them nesting near the peaks of the mountains and returning down to the valley in the hotter months, to travels to other nearby mountain valleys and peaks. Due to most of their study so far having occurred in the summer, researchers are still looking into the phenomenon.
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Jul 22, 2022 17:00 by Molly Marjorie

Having recently visited a butterfly pavilion on vacation, I very much enjoyed this article! I love the description of the drum beats their wings make, and how they use this to attract mates.

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Jul 31, 2022 23:22 by Mochi

I love this! The idea that the butterflies can make its own music is amazing, especially when it's used to attract a mate! Great work ^-^

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