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The Whistlepeaks

I finally understood the guide’s words when we camped for the night on the eighth day from Belwaggin. I went to sleep only to be awoken by one of the guards shaking me awake.   "I hear voices singing." she whispered, and I could hear them too. A chorus of voices so strong the trees shook. But strangely not loud…
  Those travelling in the Marpic Mountains off the beaten path might hear a gentle song on the wind. Most would think of it as a predator creature or bandits trying to lure them in, ad turn away. They’re probably right. But travel to the Whistlepeaks, and the entire ancient song can be heard whenever the wind blows.    

Orchestral Mountains

  The peaks are named because during windy times, the acoustics and the shape of the mountains cause the valley to fill with singing voices. The Gorzen Lithekin called their city Gharan Minayen because they believed the peaks were the voices of their ancestors - gharan minayen means “where the ancestors are heard.” Depending on the strength of the wind, the sound might be anywhere from a faint whispering tone or a whole choir of varying pitches.
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Off the Beaten Path

The area is very inaccessible due to the mountain ranges that surround it. Many of those mountains are home to the wreckage of Wretched Penumbra, the infamous capital of the Zarkul Empire. Because of that, travellers in the mountains know to stay clear of any towers or buildings that aren’t flying the flags of the nations of the Confederation of Marpic.
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