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Elrik Sarothar Koldanar

I open my take with the belief that I am no one special. I am not a mage, I only dabble in swordplay, and I'm not particularly religiously inclined...   It is remarkable, then, that I should be the one to witness to all of the events and happenings enclosed in this volume. I feel lucky to be the one to introduce these lands to you. I hope the reading of this book entertains and inspires.
— foreword to Journey in the Wind
  People across Algonas love hearing about the far-flung, hard-to-reach areas of their continent. Being the largest of Dreandril's three major continents, there are always some hidden pocket devoid of people or cut off from the world. Elrik Sarothar Koldanar is famous for finding one of these pockets...and infamous for what came after.  

Early Life

Elrik was born into a rich Koldanar trading family in Nikos City. His birth signs pointed to him being a great adventurer - or, so he claims - so his parents hired a tutor and bought a large variety of books. Young Elrik was quite the bookworm, it appeared, regularly eschewing physical pursuits to learn science, geography and literature. The sole exceptions were Wilhon riding and fencing, which he enjoyed immensely.  

Journey in the Wind

One of his intellectual pursuits got him interested in local folk tales and culture, through which he met Imnius Needran, a Gorzen Lithekin storyteller of great renown. Imnius told him about their people's former home of Gharan Minayen, lost sometime during The Rising. Elrik found the story fascinating enough to arrange for him and a group of Gorzen and Koldanar to travel into the Marpic Mountains to search for the city.   His book, Journey in the Wind, was adapted from the extensive journals that he wrote during these travels. Some highlights include:
  • The rediscovery of the musical Whistlepeaks;
  • The encounter with and trek through the valley of the Sweetsong Butterfly;
  • Finding of the city of Gharan Minayen and the Crumbled Tine at the city's apex; and
  • Flight from the Zarazin terrors that lurked in the black tower that had crashed into the city.

Return and Current Projects

Elrik took about a year to write Journey in the Wind, which became an instant hit in the Confederation of Marpic. The book has been hailed as a wonder-filled introduction to the region for outsiders, as well as a source of pride for the Gorzen who participated in and took inspiration for the story.   More people, however, began to ponder Elrik's motives for releasing the book as the royalties ballooned the already-considerable wealth of the Sarothar trading empire. His aged father passed three years ago in a cart accident, and since then Elrik has been funnelling his energy and funds into a Lizardkin group known as Koldanar for the Settlement of the Whistlepeaks, which aims to resettle the valley of Gharan Minayen with disposed and homeless Lizardkin. However, Gorzen groups such as the Homeland Corps see this as Koldanar encroachment on their sacred sites and ethnic culture, already degraded from centuries of assimilationist practices. In any case, Elrik has been labeled a money-grabber and a nationalist, which hasn't slowed him down.
CW: colonialism, capitalism, death (mention), insects (mention).
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bright orange head and arms, fading to golden yellow at the chest and legs
208 cm
170 kg
Books authored
Journey in the Wind
When I read this, all I see is an appropriator of my people's culture getting rich off our destroyed past.
— Anonymous review
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