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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Hello everyone, Grace here. So 2022 has been a dumpster fire for a variety of reasons which I will not enumerate so I am taking solace where I can in my writing. However, I saw the list of prompt themes and I immediately realized that this isn't the summer camp for nice, fluffy writing. This is the summer camp where we get weird and we get scary.   I've been on a kick recently writing a piece of fiction set in my local town area as a proof-of-concept for a TTRPG hack I'm creating and one of the things that I've always known about the Multiverse is that it is dangerous and it is unknowably complex. The Stanleyville Mall Incident article I recently wrote is a great example of the sheer terror that lurks in some corners of the Multiverse. But that's never really come through in worldbuilding as much as I had hoped.   This summer camp, I'm not holding back.   All 31 prompts are on the table; I've done it before and I'll do it again. There will be new art and new areas of the Multiverse that haven't seen the light of day (and literally won't. Vampires, anyone?). It'll be bold and bright and beautiful.   And it is all designed to terrify you.   Here's a general idea of how the four prompt areas will be developed this July:
  • Expanse: Dreandril has vast deserts and Renath has huge swaths of shrubland and plains that have been mostly undeveloped until now. It'd also be a great way to introduce some nasty creatures who might be the reason that these places are generally uninhabited or hostile to sophont life...
  • Leadership: Dreandril is shaped by the rise (and inevitable fall) of its leaders. Besides a handful of such leaders - Zevel III Bliebl, for example - very little has been written about them. And many of them have paid a terrible price for the power they have...
  • Discovery: There are so many lost civilizations that predate the Gratic Empire that I've never really discussed previously. It's a relatively new area of academic work on Endaman, and points to a few horrendous crimes of the early Empire...
  • Monstrous: I feel like this one is self-explanatory. There are so many terrifying demons that I've never written about or discussed in detail.
As far as inspiration is concerned, I have an article for that! I'll also be posting my articles on Twitter as I finish them so that people can see them and I'll make an effort to be more active in the Discords that I'm in, to help as much as to be helped.   Another thing I'm planning to use Summer Camp to try out:

Content Warnings

The Stanleyville Mall Incident is a great example of articles that people should be reasonably prepared to engage with in advance. Blood, gore, violence...the lot. So I put a Content Warning in the top right corner (just above the sidebar) listing some of the themes that appear in that article. This will be something that I will be implementing into my Summer Camp articles this year, especially in light of the released themes.   I'm hoping that people are better prepared to read some of the content in the article armed with this information. If this seems to be popular and well-received, I'll go back through my older articles and add them in.   It's a new age for the Multiverse as I get ready for the release of my upcoming audio drama (as yet unnamed) and my first novel release. I've been meaning to dive into the Multiverse's darker corners and I'm beyond excited to discover new worlds with all of you this July!

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Jul 3, 2022 17:03 by Molly Marjorie

I love the idea of content warnings. I use/see them elsewhere, I never thought about on WA.

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