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Veru'Kar, City of Enlightenment

Once the capital city and crown jewel of the empire of Nel'Akhiron, the City of Enlightenment is now the epicentre of the largest crater on the planet, sitting at the bottom of the sea. Not even ruins have survived the devastation that ended the Tempest War, only what has been written or remembered by Akhir survivors of the fallen kingdom.


About 25% of the population of the city were magic-users and a further 10% were involved in the study and observation of Zhak'raa and its rituals. This minority also made up the upper classes, the rich and powerful. This was likely due to the magocracy that ruled the kingdom and the emphasis and value that was put on magic. These groups inhabited the "upper" parts of the cities, while the lower classes (mainly traders and craftspeople that did not use magic) occupied the "lower" parts of Veru'Kar.


The White Order ruled all of Nel'Akhiron from their seat of power in Veru'Kar. While it was a city of towers, the cpre structure at the heart of the metropolis was the The Glass Spire which housed the main chambers of the members of the White Order where they lived and carried out their work. One chamber at the top of the spire was the Chamber of Light, where discussion was held and legislation was put into place.

Industry & Trade

The primary industry of Veru'Kar was the manufacture and trade of items relating to Zhak'raa. This included objects of a magical and non-magical nature such as:
  • Objects that were used as reagents for Master-level spellcasting such as Blood Shards (used for Verubi) and bricks of incense (used for Kahet).
  • Items that had been imbued or enchanted with actual magic from any of the four schools (Apprentice, Adept, Advanced and Master).
  • Tomes and scrolls that detailed the history, function, analysis or science of any Zhak'raa spells.


The wizards who built and maintained the city believed strongly in the power of towering spires and structures that reached the sky. While the more mundane industries remained close to the ground, magical fields of study and research occupied the heights. So as not to spend too much time in the lower-altitude areas, walkways and bridges existed that allowed magical folk to remain aloft in their elevated homes and businesses.


Most districts in the city have an "upper" and "lower" designation, as the existed at ground level as well as the upper floors of structures and towers that could be travelled between via walkways and bridges.


Being the centre of the Akhir empire, it possessed a huge portion of the knowledge, artifacts and relics that pertained to Zhak'raa. The city was full of libraries and museums, some of which were so large they were spread out over the upper and lower city. Vaults existed in the upper reaches of the capital that were specifically designed to hold artifacts of significant magical power or tomes detailing the use of dangerous Zhak'raa.   Apart from magic, being the capital of Nel'Akhiron also meant that there was an abundance of trade, art and agriculture.


Founding Date
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City of Enlightenment, City of Inspiration, City of Creation
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