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The name given to the school of Zhak'raa magic that involves the manipulation of smoke. It is one of four disciplines under the Master rank of magic, and is usually considered by others to be the easiest element to wield, due to the similarities it shares with Fire Magic.


Kahet spells most commonly make use of smoke to blind, asphyxiate or burn. Through the power of Zhak'raa, smoke from a burning brazier or censer can be turned into a weapon, like a blanket that one may wrap around the head of an opponent. It can be used to smother a victim in a thick and heavy cloud around their face so that they can not see or breathe. The temperature can also be manipulated, scorching an individual with burning embers.

Side/Secondary Effects

Like all Master schools of magic under Zhak'raa, there is a significant drain on the physiological wellbeing of the user. These spells tend to leave the spellcasters fatigued as well as mentally exhausted.   In particular, Kahet spells tend to leave burns and scars across the skin of the Archomancer. Black singe-marks spread from the tips of the fingers and slowly burn their way up the arms, as well as the tips of the nose and ears and any other extremities. The complexion of the user becomes dry and cracked, particularly the lips, and a perpetual feeling of desperate thirst is expected.  


All Kahet spells require smoke to be present, and so a burning brazier or at least a fire of some kind. Luckily, the Adept school of Zhak'raa teaches a wizard everything they would need to know about Fire Magic, so all that is required is material to burn (often incense or specially-formulated bricks of slow-burning fuel known as Smoke Bricks) and perhaps a holder for the flame, such as a brazier, censer, bowl, lamp, etc. Many argue that Kahet magic using only approved burning materials is the only correct way to use this form of spellcasting, while others burn anything and everything they can for their spells.

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Jan 3, 2024 07:23 by Sapha Burnell

Love how this is worded, and the different ways you're expecting smoke to be used. It's clever, expansive, and gives options for play. I also like how there needs to be smoke already present for the magic to work, instead of strict conjuration.   May I read this on one of my weekly writing streams on Twitch this month?