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In Nel'Akhiron, once a wizard has achieved the Master level of Zhak'raa, they may enter the discipline of Smoke Magic known as Kahet. This kind of magic requires active flames that provide a constant stream of smoke, so the Archomancer of the kingdom have had to get creative in order to efficiently do this. From the substance known as "Nis'Rin", smoke bricks are specially-crafted, dense blocks of incense and fuel that are incredibly slow-burning with a high smoke output, in additional to providing scents and flavours in the air that suit ritual and ceremonial purposes.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Nis'Rin is packed into hard, impossibly tight shapes, as if they were made of stone. They appear shiny and monochromatic, pressed into bricks or logs, or into thin sticks of incense. It is almost impossible to break them by hand due to the amount of pressure applied in shaping the substance.   When lit, whatever form the fuel took would burn incredibly slowly but produce a decent amount of smoke for the duration. Afterwards, all that would be left is a husk of the shape it once was.


During the time of the Nel'Akhiron empire, different regions had different recipes that they believed were superior. Now, the materials available are more restrictive, but many of them contained similar substances:
  • Oils, perfumes
  • Herbs, both fresh and dried
  • Peat or mud
  • Animal fertiliser
  • Natural colourings
  • Other ceremonial materials that provided no benefit, such as blood, ash or bonemeal

Life & Expiration

If stored in dry conditions, the smoke bricks/logs could be stored indefinitely. Damp conditions could sometimes lead to the fuel swelling and falling apart after at least 6 months.
Grey to brown, sometimes blue-black
Common State
Bricks, sticks or logs
Related Professions

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