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The wizards of Nel'Akhiron cling to the remnants of their magical empire in their observance and practice of their religion, philosophy and structure of magic, known as Zhak'raa, also referred to as "Archomancy". The practitioners of magic in Nel'Akhiron are therefore known as Archomancers. These spellcasters comprise the majority of those Akhir who still remain in their isolated hoards of magical knowledge and artifacts that they guard so fiercely.


Career Progression

As per the structure of Zhak'raa, all Archomancers initially begin as a Neophyte, someone who is not able to use magic but immerses themself in theory and exercises. After this, they will progress through the Apprentice, Adept and Advanced magic schools, before finally becoming a Master, where they will specialise in one of the four elemental schools. At this point, they will pursue a path chosen for them that their superiors believe they would be best suited for, as they learn to master their magic and hone their knowledge over centuries.



After the fall of the empire of Nel'Akhiron, the surviving Archomancers collected and hoarded any magical knowledge and artifacts they could lay their hands on, and disappeared to remote monasteries, temples and towers. Now, the knowledge and practice of Zhak'raa is all they have and is considered the most important thing in Akhir society. Studying the magical arts and honing one's skill in them is the only worthwhile pursuit, for without it, the Archomancers are nothing.


The entire remaining Akhir population is involved in Zhak'raa in some way, and so most end up as Archomancers. There will be some who have been exiled by their cloister, who no longer have access to the font of knowledge they once did. There will be others who, for whatever reason, are not physically able to cast spells and so their value as an individual almost completely diminishes.


It is not known what percentage of the population were Archomancers before Nel'Akhiron's collapse, however it was most definitely a magocentric society. The magocracy that ruled the empire was likely entirely made of Archomancers, and these wizards would have held positions of power all across the kingdom. In the wake of its ruin, the same spellcasters that ruled the people were the ones who took what magic and knowledge they could and hid it away in their sanctums. These individuals survived, kept alive by the same magic, while the rest of the empire was not so lucky.   Now, all that remains of the empire is kept alive through these Archomancers.



Depending on the level of Zhak'raa they have achieved and their spell mastery, most Archomancers bear reagents and focusing tools they need to cast their magic. For example, those studying Adept magic will primarily be using fire spells, and so will always carry some form of ignition with them until they are able to generate their own.

Dangers & Hazards

The higher levels of Zhak'raa carry a degree of risk. Starting at Adept magic and continuing through Advanced and Master ranks, the body of the spellcaster will start bearing the marks of repeated spellcasting which including physical and mental strain, bruising, rashes, insomnia, irritability, and general low moods as well as a decreased immune system. These can be helped by taking regular breaks between sessions or by using Zhak'raa to forcibly diminish the side effects in the body, though this will often backfire with more severe effects, worse effects, or death.

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Jan 12, 2024 22:08 by Kydra

I like that the Archomancers are remnants of an of magocracy that fell some time in the past. It gives a neat history to magic. You mentioned some individuals not being physically able to use magic. How common is that in this world?