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The Glass Spire

As the heart of the Nel'Akhiron empire, the capital city of Veru'Kar held the seat of power for the White Order and the wizards and sages that composed it. In the middle of the concentric city was the Glass Spire, the centre of all governance and legislation in the kingdom.

Purpose / Function

Originally built by The Masters, the original founders of Zhak'raa and Nel'Akhiron, the Glass Spire is the symbolic panopticon that watches over the entire empire. As much as for symbolic reasons as practical ones, the Spire housed the ruling wizards of Nel'Akhiron for many centuries. At its peak, the Chamber of Light allowed a large assembly of wizards, sages, scholars and priests that make up the White Order.



Over the centuries since its conception, a few additions have been made to the Glass Spire. As other towers surrounding it rose up (some almost rivalling it in size) walkways and bridges were built that allowed access into the main tower. Additionally, the furnishings and aesthetics on the inside of the Spire have been updated as the capital has grown in wealth and size, along with trends in art and design.


Most of the tower had been constructed from local stone, starting with a larger base and strong foundation, tapering at the top, where a glass dome covered the Chamber of Light. There were parapets and tiers breaking up the Spire into different sections, and bridges that attached to smaller nearby towers and buildings.


Very little is known about the origin of the Spire, only that its construction is attributed to a legendary group of revered individuals known as "the Masters", who gave Zhak'raa to the people and established the kingdom of Nel'Akhiron.   The Glass Spire stood for many centuries before the climax of the Tempest War destroyed the entire city of Veru'Kar including the Glass Spire. No trace of it remained and so has been completely lost to time.
The last day of the empire
Founding Date
Owning Organization

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