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The "Spine of Endurance" is the present name given to the mountain range in eastern Nel'Akhiron (or the continent that used to belong to the fallen empire) that houses the majority of the remaining Archomancers and Azix'Nezar, the wizards and sages that study and observe the sacred magic of Zhak'raa.


On the continent, a landmass that once wholly belonged to the Akhir empire, there is a winding mountain range that runs along the eastern coast. In many places along the coastline, the mountains break off sharply in a cliff that descends into the ocean below. The peaks are difficult to travels and also carry a long of seismic and geological activity including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches and landslides.


The environment is a harsh place, being located on the other side of the barren wasteland known as Khar'Vazhilex. It seems as if, even during the golden era of the empire, this place was somewhat hostile to those who wished to traverse it, which was likely the reason the wizards of Nel'Akhiron withdrew here.   There is very little to no plant-life and any native fauna that can be found is hardy, aggressive and tough to kill. Luckily for the inhabitants of the region, they have little reason to leave their monastaries, keeps and towers.


Even before the catastrophic event that ended the The Tempest War as well as the empire itself, the highest-ranking members of Zhak'raa had already formulated a plan if the war would destroy their entire kingdom. The inhospitable region had already been occupied by scattered monastaries and temples for solitary worship and study of magic. A plan was forumulated, that would encourage the most powerful and knowledgeable wizards and sages to gather any and all magical knowledge, artifacts and relics that they could, and take it into seclusion, hoarding it for themselves in order to preserve it.   And so when Veru'Kar, City of Enlightenment, was destroyed in a magical disaster at the end of the war, those who survived sent out the word to enact their plan. The mountain range became a popular pilgrimage in the collapsed empire, until larger cloisters and orders began to form and distrust all others.   All that remains of the empire now are these isolated groups of Archomancers, thousands of years old, watching over their hoards of magic they have kept for themselves as they watch their neighbours with paranoia and hatred.
Alternative Name(s)
The Spine of Endurance
Mountain Range
Owning Organization

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