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Khar'Vazhilex - Annihilation

At the climactic conclusion of the Tempest War, the metropolitan area of Nel'Akhiron's capital city of Veru'Kar was destroyed in a blinding display of light, fire and magic. The circular crater left behind was nearly 1500 km across and was quickly filled by the sea to the south. This new bay, as well as the blasted landscape for nearly 1000 km from the edge of the crater, are referred to by those who have survived as "Khar'Vazhilex" which translates to "Annihilation".


It is believed that the crater that has settled over thousands of years is now approximately 2000km in diameter and 10 km deep. The coast around it has gradually been worn away by the roiling waters of the bay, and large portions of cliff or hillside frequently slide into the sea. From the water, there is an expanse of dead and blasted environment for about 500 - 1000 km before any living flora or fauna can be found.


This landscape is harsh, flat and blighted, inhospitable to all but the most hardy creatures. Much of the environment is made up of rocky hills or scorched fields, all barren and unable to support any life whatsoever.


Prior to the devastation unleashed at the end of the Tempest War, the city of Veru'Kar sat at the mouth of a great river. The city itself spread out for miles in every direction, in great concentric circles.   When the catastrophe occurred, nothing was left in its wake and the continent was left battered and scarred. Now, those that remain speak only of the utter annihilation that the region represents, an act so great and terrible that no living person remained to tell of witnessing it.

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