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Hospitality at its finest

Written by Endrise

Everyone can make a stew, but it takes a chef to make it edible.
— Halfling saying

Halflings are one of the more common races of Fabulae. Known for their hospitality, these short folk have shown their bravery throughout history many times. Although despite their feats, they prefer to live a mere humble life in the background.

Basic Information


Halflings are a short race, rarely standing any bigger than a Human child. The most distinct of their appearance are their broad feet, often with thick hair coating the top of it. Others can distinguish their kind from their large round ears.

Biological Traits


Halflings don't react to fearsome situations like other races would. Some theorise they lack a fight or flight response, resulting in the myth of their fearlessness. In reality, many are just hard to crack under pressure and stressful situations.

Supernatural Luck

The fortune and luck of a Halfling is considered legendary by this point. Even in the mits of danger, they seem to be lucky enough to avoid most threats thrown at them.

From the research done on this ability, no evidence exists on how this luck is triggered. Neither magical nor scientific theories explain how it works, as if it's interwoven with their existence.



Found in the barren lands of the world, Derros turn their fearless and lucky nature into skills of combat. Distinct by their tanned skin and bleached hair, they strive in the lands often deemed uninhabitable. But thanks to their determination, they can turn any wasteland into a place to call home.

Tree Hopper

Tree Hoppers are distinguishable by their excessive hair growth and primate-like feet. Thanks to a posable "thumb" on their foot, it gives them a sturdier grip when moving around tree trops. Since they also live in more tropical areas, it might be why many call them "Monkey Halflings".

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male Names: Antal, Boram, Hyrgan, Jamir, Lem, Miro, Sumak, Tribin, Uldar, Vraxim.
Female Names: Anafa, Bellis, Etune, Filiu, Irlana, Marra, Pressi, Rilka, Sistra, Wyssal, Yamyra.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Ceremonial Brunch

It's a common custom for Halfling households to have a feast for any celebration they hold. Whether it be weddings or funerals, birthdays or even a surprise party. Each guest brings food with them and share it amongst the others, leading to banquets able to feed a small town. Leftovers are given to the person holding the party.

Family Secrets

Every Halfling household tends to have one shared secret. This can be anything from a family recipe to hidden treasure, varying family to family. At their teenage years, a Halfling is taught said secret, after which they might share it to their children as well.

Common Taboos

It's seen as a bad sport for a Halfling to exploit their hospitality towards those that need it. While running a tavern or inn is allowed, using it to scam people isn't. This goes double for abusing the hospitality of others. Some even say that mistreating one's guests is enough for a Halfling to get only misfortune from then onward.


Halfling history has been muddled through centuries of exaggerating events through retellings. Historians do date their origin as far back as Prehistoria, where the name showed up the earliest.

During the Tri-Realm War, Outsiders conquered the material plane and brought it to the brink of extinction. In their conflict, the Gnomes fled into the Faelands, working together with Fae to find a solution. And eventually, they found an answer.

What followed was a sudden emerging of the Halfling race, taking back Fabulae for the mortal races. Thanks to their fearless nature, they were unphased by the tricks of Demons and Angels alike. And before long, both Outsider races fled to their respective realms.

Afterwards, their kind moved across the world, helping establish the first kingdoms. Extended families have kept the stories alive, but the details got twisted in the many retellings.

Common Myths and Legends

  • Halflings never wash their feet: In reality, Halflings take pride in keep their feet clean. As such, it's a common practise for daily footbaths.
  • Halflings never deny a guest: Halflings are allowed to deny guests whenever they like, so don't abuse their hospitality.
  • Halflings are master-chefs: Although many famous recipes are made by Halflings, it doesn't make all of them excellent chefs.
  • Halflings don't feel fear: Although they are quite brave, they do understand the emotions of fear and panic like all other races.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Our ancestors did not sacrifise themselves to save this world for you to start dating some sulfur-sucking fiendish freak born from an one night stand with an Incubus! Get her out of my house young man, right now!
— Halfling Elder

Halflings live a relative peaceful life amongst other races. Thanks to their determination and hospitality, they have become great allies of other societies. However, due to their simple lives, many don't end up talked about alot in history.

They tend to form great alliances with Dwarves, often living close to one another. As a result, many share holidays together, also leading to the birth of the "Shortfolk banquet".

Yet, despite their friendliness, few hide their blatant distaste for otherworldly crossbreeds. Due to their past with Outsiders, they consider such races as either dangerous or impure. While most keep it only with Aasimars and Tieflings, some extremists are willing to even include elemental crossbreeds like Undines or Oreads.

Halfling Players

Halflings might be short and weak, but their wit is second to none. Courageous to no end and optimistic even in the darkest hours, they form great hearts of the party. The only thing that tends to make them difficult to work with is their traditionalist mindset.

Common Languages
Common, Halfling
Genetic Ancestor(s)
100-120 years
Average Height
2'6" - 3'4"
0.76 m - 1 m
Average Weight
25 lbs - 38 lbs
11 kg - 17 kg
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

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