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The Twilight Realms

The Twilight Realms are a small collection of between twenty to thirty archetypal realms and unstable evolutions which are linked by a shared phase geometry that makes travel between them relatively easy. In common with many such geometries, member realms can drift in and out of the group and it is not easy to provide the current list of realms at any given time. The Twilight Realms sit squarely across the frontier between true evolutions and full archetypes, with examples of both kinds of realms found within the group.   The Twilight Realms are characterised by a crepuscular quality of light, a murky political obscurantism and an insular self sufficiency. Many of them are deceptively beautiful but they can also be lands of shadow and pain and are considered by the Stability Council to pose a moderate level of risk to their agents, although their business often takes them there.   The best known of these realms is Noctaliya, an evolution which has had occasionally persistent gateways to Magicians' End.
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