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The Source of Abnormality Energy

The Unknown Space Storm Theory

It has long been thought that an enormous and chaotic storm endlessly plagues the reaches of Unknown Space beyond the charted confines of current Delta Space. This chaotic storm is said to take up billions of light-years and fill in the gaps of cold and empty space with violent and unending energy storms.   This storm is hypothetically what has been blocking explorers and travellers from leaving the confines of the Delta Space for thousands of years. It is still technically a theory as any of those who have left to explore it have never come back. Only charred and broken bits of these spaceships occasionally float back into the Delta Space.   The theory is that a cataclysmic event started a cascade effect where all of the suns of a nearby galaxy suddenly all went supernova, and the collected energy of the simultaneous event caused the energy to explode forward in all directions in an immense and unending energy storm. One so large that it has affected the actual fabric of reality. Causing bends and ruptures in time and space with random and unexpected effects, which would explain the occurrences of both Abnormality Events and Objects in the Delta Space.
The Variance

The Variance Theory

This theory states that instead, it is in fact the undiscovered core of the Variance space station that is causing Abnormality Energy to run amok amongst the Delta Space. The prevailing thought in this circumstance is that whoever built the original Variance station used technology beyond what is currently understood.   And that the internal core at the centre of the Variance is damaged or malfunctioning, and is leaking this chaotic energy into the station, where its effects are obviously amplified, and to the greater Delta Space over a long period of time; With the energy being collected and spread more quickly ever since the installation of Probability Suspension Drives, which utilize these Abnormality Energies to unlock the ability to travel long distances.   The Variance Theory is popular amongst the citizens of the space station, especially Variance Born who feel a special connection with the station. These individuals who were conceived on the station, a rare occurrence, feel a bond with the station and swear that they can occasionally feel the station crying out for help as if it is suffering from some unknown wound or sickness.
Abnormality Energy
Not much is known about Abnormality Energy, only that it is the fuel source for the random chaos that created Abnormality Events and Abnormality Objects. There have been many theories that pontificate about the origins of this bizarre, dangerous, and wondrous force.   But the two prevailing theories amongst most educated philosophers and curious minds are that these energies lie beyond known space, or that it alternatively lies in the centre of the Delta Space. Two opposing theories with their own distinct ramifications if proven true.
The Alternative Theory
Some few believe that in fact, both of these theories are true to some degree. And that the storm is the source of the energy, but that the Variance is someone collecting it from afar in order to fuel its central core and internal systems.   Using the energy to expand itself which would explain how it is able to shift and grow its interior without expanding its exterior. What isn't known is the reason for this, is the Variance space station manned by an unknown operator or species? Or it is an artificial intelligence network in the same vein as the the Hivemind Sentius Network.

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This hints at so much of your world that I'm looking forward to learning more. There's a lot going on in this well written article. While I don't come away feeling like I fully understand a specific concept you were trying to convey, I feel like you've created a mystery that I want to delve deeper into.

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