In times gone by Titan was the sight of unending planetary war as the Orcs fought the Dwarves, the Orcs had numbers, the Dwarves had technology, when the Light started it brought an abundance of air to Titan as its gift. Once the Dwarves had found Red Amber they used that and the constant stream of air to build the first Refuge station above where the light fell. This immediately kept the station supplied with fresh air and led to a rapid expansion until Refuge was complete in the shape of a ring around the planet, this left the planet surface to the Orcs while the Dwarves made a comfortable home on Refuge.   Fast forward to post Nayoman times and post end of the light Refuge now encompasses 75% of the planets surface blotting out the sun and connected to the planet by various great pillars and elevators. The war against the Orcs ended with the Nayoman attack and they have integrated fairly successfully as a labour class working the surface factories.   The surface of Titan is now a nightmarish dark realm of endless factories and abandoned settlements, the areas that are still open to the sun are prized beyond measure and cost absurd amounts to own.   As for Refuge it goes from strength to strength and is now the premier hub of virtually all shipping in the void. As such Titan is extremely well defended with some of the most visible defences backed up by some of the most technologically advanced unseen defences.


Rocky mountains devoid of life more or less due to the lack of natural sunlight. The orbital station is everything from dingy dark service corridors to great glass open spaces with artificial forests and lakes.

Natural Resources

Minerals and red amber.

Location under