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Sukwini House

The Sukwini, most especially within the Sedibeng territory are closest to Chui mannnerisms, chasing knowledge diligently.

Their sigil is the Red Burning bull.

Bulls can't grow comfortably in a God Tree so they're adapted, despite keeping their sigil.


The Bull

To mess with the Bull is to get the horns. This has been a base of knowledge for the Sukwini for generations. They lived in Enduku and were some of the people to e a part of the Migration early but it was with scepticism, only sending financial aid and then later manpower.

This was done through the extremely intelligent and effective raising and breeding of wildlife with the type of ingenious techniques and efficiency that could literally support and feed tens of thousands for generations.

In their prime it made them kings in their own right, a range of nobility and prestige that set them high amongst the others. The Bull became their higher avatar for mother nature or nature itself, splitting them culturally with the others of their race. A point of pride for the Sukwini members.


Bulls in the God Tree

They're creatures who have had to alter their love of strength and then moved it more specifically to good work, they have limited ownership, turning that land to effective use.

  Bulls were their greatest pride, but it is extremely difficult to raise cows and bulls on a God Tree, too many of them breaking legs upon the untamed soil and even more deaths from the poison from the many creatures, it put them in danger as a house but one of the skills and bases of knowledge came in the form of surveying and taming land. They could store grass and test soil in a way that made breeding the creatures that could survive very strong. A great many Sukwini will become Grounds Keepers, even the rare Master Grounds Keeper.

It was through being Grounds Keepers that the Sukwini acheived their fullest change.

Their greatest power came from their planting which helped gain land, that they used to experiment and attempt to grow their holdings. At first, it was a success with any hardships being supplemented by their massive stores of wealth. But that grew weak when they were attacked back in Enduku and the united Ufele ended up losing what land they had. The earth salted.

They had set up a framework, a base but it was not enough they were forced to sell many of their own holdings to survive as a noble house at all let alone a great house. The bulls, despite it all, were forced to change their horns. They had to work, get their hands dirty and form new knowledge. They formed and started growing spices and food, using their spices and animal foods and like some of the best Chui out there kept near perfect records.

Now the foods from some of the best-bred animals are kept by them, stored safely and shipped quickly with the back of many of the municipalities who have a lot to gain from their noble backing.


To maintain the balance between making the noble Grounds Keepers happy, the municipalities and the guilds happy is an act which has forced them to become elegant tactitians. But their motto and flag is that of a bull. So they are still stubborn and willing to gore their enemies, giving them a reputation oof calm words but harsh actions, sometimes going as far as being seen as merciless but lawful.

One does not simply spit on the Sukweni pride and survive.

To Mess with the bull is to Get the Horns

Geopolitical, Great house

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