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Eerie Waters

There were five ships in total who made the trip. We'd come through the Crossin' an' slid along the north of Maezes like we always do. As soon as we spotted the shore we knew somethin was very wrong. We could see mountains where there weren't no mountains before. Our ship, the The Annalee, we were in the back. The captain named the ship after 'is wife, see an' she was always tellin 'im ta be careful. So anyway we were in the back. The first ship, The Indignant, she went down right as we started ta head south along the coast. Twern't no rocks there before, but now there was. Sharps points of rock just barely stickin up out of the water. Scraped a hole right through her hull like guttin a fish.  We tried ta get the sailors, but there was somethin in the water. The Polacca was able ta pull 3 aboard, but the rest were pulled under. We saw trails of blood in the water where they went down.   So we kept goin, though each ship assigned someone ta watch out fer more rocks. The Polacca took the lead then. We'd gone no more than a league an' she started swayin' back an forth, like someone was swiggin' the rudder back an' forth. Captain, he told us ta veer north a bit more, an' just as we did we saw the Flyin' Fish start doin the same dance. They called out ta the Airedale just in time, warnin' that somethin was wrong with the currents an' it was pushin the boats this way an' that.    Now by this time the whole crew of the Annalee, we were knowin somethin was wrong. Enmir himself seemed ta be tellin us ta stay away. But we had a job ta do an' the Captain keeps his word.  Ternora came into view an' it's sandy shores were just gone. There was a mountain juttin up out of it an' rocks all over the place. Never seen nutin like it before. Then we saw the fog. So think we couldn't see where Eminor's port used ta be. No lighthouse beacon, just the nasties fog we'd ever seen. The Polacca, she just waded into that fog, brave as could be. The fog seemed ta lift just enough fer us ta be able ta tell that Eminor was just gone. We could see turbulent waters that went on fer leagues with no land in sight, unnatural in every way ya could imagin. Swirlin vortexes goin this way an' that. Odd lights under the water. Right away the Captain called out to drop anchor an' veer starboard. The Flyin' Fish, she did the same and barely made it in time. We all watched in horror as this enormous pair of jaws came up from under the Polacca an' took a bite right out of her hull. Now I've seen sea monsters before, but nuttin' like that! The fog closed back around her an' we could hear their screams as we made it back out of the mouth of that mighty gulf.   Take my advice, lad. Avoid the Eerie Waters. Any captain that tries ta go in there ain't worth followin'.
— Survivor of the first expedition after The Fall.
  Heavy, preputial fog and strange glowing lights under the water are what give this massive crater gulf it's name. From what explorers have been able to determine, the gulf is over 300 miles in diameter and centers on what used to be the capitol city of Eminor. Mages say that the wild magics of The Fells is concentrated strongest here. These magics and the wrecked sea floor are likely the cause of the violent vortexes that swirl around the entire gulf. These vortexes have been known to move in unpredictable patterns and appear just as suddenly as they disappear. This makes water travel in the Eerie Waters almost impossible. Any ships that have tried to venture far into gulf have found themselves sucked into these vortexes and their ships torn apart.   
While the waters around Bennoria are full of sea life from the small to the massive, nothing seems strike as much fear in the hearts of sailors as the hideous beats that inhabit the Eerie Waters. Every last one seem to be carnivorous and desire humanoid flesh above all else. What few insane sailors that have managed to capture one of the smaller creatures found it to have rows of teeth for tearing of flesh, poisonous barbs, odd protrusions and glowing sacs presumed to be used as lures for other creatures. Thankfully these creatures never seem to venture far from the gulf and only the smaller ones inhabit the waters close to the shores of Maezes. 

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