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Every family has its white Budzaw, that one person who stands out in a way that's not particularly inspiring or helpful. Every culture has one, too, that subset of people who you don't really want to get rid of, but you don't need them around, either.
— Said by someone who has no hope of understanding rocket science for the art it is.
  The Garruw as a whole are something of a monolithic species, in that they are a very interconnected culture and there are overall fewer differences between the various settlements than for other species. It can be difficult for outsiders to determine the differences and distinguish them.   The Gruzhyen are not a people with this problem. This ethnicity is centered around the township of Gruzhye in the Dome Hills. It's notably close to the False Sea, a massive cooling basin used in the forging of components for rocketry experiments. The area was chosen because it was barren enough that introducing large amounts of metal to the water supply wouldn't kill off a lot of crucial agriculture.   There are some concerns among outsiders that the experiments done in this area over the years have caused unusually high exposure to certain chemicals and as such these people are certifiably insane now. This is a falsehood, but there is a certain amount of manic energy to be expected from a Gruzhyen.  

Specifically, Rockets

  Most garruw are scientists, to some degree. The Hrrmengaan is their most respected organization, and a lot of their culture centers around finding out more about the world around them, to the purpose of eventually making their way into the stars.   Gruzhyen take this to an obsessive degree in their focus. Most garruw will study a variety of topics, and most places of study and homes will find a variety of the sciences available to work with, leading to a broad spectrum of results. The Gruzhyen study rocketry.   Granted, this covers a variety of tasks. There are those devoted to studying the fuel necessary, those who calculate the explosive reactions necessary, those who develop the engineering and metallurgy to realize the physical vehicles, biologists to determine how the body might react to traveling to space in a can.    

Stars and Faith

  Scientific endeavor is not enough to join people together as an entirely separate subset of a people. In this case, what draws the Gruzhyen together is that their pursuit of rocketry draws from The Faith of the Star-Eyed, or at least a modern interpretation of those beliefs.   They no longer believe it to be a pantheon but rather representatives of a greater being altogether, shifting to a monotheistic interpretation of those old myths and legends, with many powerful servants. Going along with these beliefs is the underlying tenet that the garruw as a people are meant to travel to the stars, to reach to them. As such, each development, every new design, is an act of worship to something greater.


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Jan 25, 2023 23:34

To start with a statement about why they are the black sheep of their culture was interesting. Specially when it leads to "they are scientists". I'm guessing that is not totally true that they aren't mad to some extent hahahaha   The evolution of their faith is interesting, Is always cool to read about a (maybe not mad) scientist that believes in something.