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Having Fun in Spooktober 2022

Work in progress. Subject to change.
This article contain sensitive elements
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Another October, another Spooktober! I was having fun doing it last year, so I will once again draw stuffs.
— Adcheryl
New plan! New plan! Let's go for some random stories instead.
— Adcheryl, 31/10/2022


1. Portrait

The artist had fell in love with a beautiful, attractive women. They promised to preserve the moment for the rest of their life. The canvas was being drawn, precised and slowed, to make sure that capture every details before the youths turned to elders. In the style of impressionism, the feminine sketch hugging beside his full color self-portrait was waiting to be replaced. As both were busy, they promised tat one day they will spend the day to complete this masterpiece.
The moment never came...

2. Vanish

It was a busy day for civilians when the bright future shone upon them as the dawn of the new week. And surely it did on one Monday, 8pm, when the white bright suddenly happened. Nothing could been seen as if the eye screen was painted. Disappearing in the matter of seconds, only thing that remained was the shadows of living things and plants with greens. The ground scotched. The cars stopped. The buildings charred. The metropolis went completely silenced since.

3. Abandoned

The Exodus of Coriolis was the event of mass evacuating off the artificial planet of the same name. The core of the planet was malfunction in which created an unstoppable gravity and heat. Millions of ships launched into space. Some of them had successful escapes while the others failed and fell into the core. along with collapsing structures and debris, it eventually merged into a spiky barron radiated lifeless planet.
The incident led to the decline of fully artificial planet construction - for a few hundred years, at least.

4. Enchant

5. Misfortune

6. Chasm

The thing was phenomenal. A big chunk of crust had disappeared a few week ago, leaving the regional-side chasm that deep endlessly. They could see the crust made of riveted smooth steels on the other side, while looking down into a little light spot at the end of foggy tunnel. For the tonnes of pressure and heat, it's the place that no one could imagine.
"A big hole leading into the core? What could possibly go wr-"

7. Thorn

Durian. inside the spiky, thorny fruit is the mess of favour (and oder)

8. Howl

9. Mirror

10. Broken

11. Escape

As soon as the ignition started, the ship started floating up to the ground. Thousands of passengers didn't get much time to pack their luggages after the catastrophe happened. It's so hard to dodge the falling debris while the gravity increased second by second. Terrifying by the urgency to escape this planet as quick as possible, the pilot forgot to check the fuel. If they can't use the remaining fuel to activate jumper right now, a tales of a thousand people might be forever vanished.
In only seconds, the planet was now reduced a little ball, which had been seen by people several kilometres away. They made it.

12. Slime

The wife had mysteriously perished for several days, and the only reminder was the lying shape on the bedsheet with slimy taints. She wasn't rotten at all. In fact, she didn't have any flesh to rot. Instead, what replaced her was the green translucent slime! Believing she was cursed, the husband collected hers recognizable. Each of her supposed limbs were put into dozens of sterilised jars, labelled. He was going to carry all of them into the quest to find the cure for resurrection at the borderlands.
How does she ended up like this? Why do it happened to them? Who is responsible for? And will he achieve such extraordinary goal?

13. Haunt

"This room is clean and well-arranged.", thought the male singer.
After a pretty good performance at the nearby club, it was time for him to take a rest at nearby hotel first. The stuffs were looking questionable, but who cared - it was 2am.
Little did he know is that not long ago, a cold case was occurred in his room. The woman was killed by one of the stuffs. The body was never be found, but the suffer of victim could be heard just by staying past midnight, and that the experience he had to face until dawn.

14. Ruin

As the ship getting near, despite the calmest weather that day it could still made the sailor shivered because of what they saw. Plenty of tall fine marble posts placed in the most symmetrical way, looking like the old temple, was one of the site they had sailed across. For the past hundreds years no one could ever imagine such place could immerged from the surface of Lake Gios. When the great dam fell, it was obvious that their world had been widened. Similar architecture to the capital, they could only doubted and wondered, why did their ancestors wanted it to sink?
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by Adcheryl

15. Mist

16. Whisper

17. Shadow

18. Spirit

An astronomer is travelling with spacecraft toward the planet he first discovered. For decades an urn of his has been installed on the vessel, not for a scientific purpose, just an honer of his discovery. However, it was believed to be a helpful choice. Before the flyby, there was a critical hardware malfunction that could terminate the craft right before their eye, and can only be solved by hands. However, it suddenly be fixed like a miracle.
Maybe he's the one man crew to guide the (space)ship to destination, where he can take the final rest.

19. Relic

Milen Codec, also know as a book of a thousand hands, is historically significant. From the blacksmith's recipe for the best metal and swords, to the personal diary of the internet viral kids, the book had somewhat belonged by everyone in every part of the world on an unexpected journey, which could be lasted as long as human existed. It's like whoever touch it they have to write or add pages, as if they were cursed. Since every page can be dated to specific eras by different materials and its contents, this book is truly the humanity's best archive.
Currently it's been displayed at Sungear Public Library.

20. Unquiet

21. Shatter

22. Lock

23. Door

During the 80's, there was the door in the alley which led to the private dance club called the Time traveller's hits. Despite founding a few weeks ago, the music they had played weren't even come from any period at that time. In fact, those who wrote hadn't even born yet. It ahs been called the sound of the future for some reason. The moment you came inside you could have fun, but when you came out it becomes nothing. Only a feeling of enjoyment left the gate even though the details of what they heard are none of its existence.
Nevertheless, there was a flaw in the spell sometimes affected the attendees in their dairy life, whenever they ate the branded chocolate candies or when the weekend arrived, they may realized when the real music came.
What a strange but banger place.

24. Curse

25. Posses

"If the fresh brain control the body like a puppet, does it mean we are the ghost possessing the meat machine? Can it be same applying to the artifical one?" thought Mr.B. The quote his professor told him once during the time at Candella still stuck inside his head. The artificial humanoid was nearly completed which would answer this question. The only thing he needed before activated the body, was the brain of an innocent, whom reminded him of long lost lover...

26. Abyss

27. Echo

28. Darkness

29. Hunt

30. Tear

"My Tears Are Becoming a Sea" the song by French band M83, is one the my favourite track from them, so much i imagined the picture in my head, which can be described:

" A woman crying in front of the dried sea. When the tear dropped, the water suddenly blasted from the surface, completely rehydrated the sea once again."

31. Drown

Drowning in the sea of darkness full of stars, it is a definition of being stranded in space. No gravity. No ground. Only the suit to keep yourself alive which can't be too long to sustain. Hopefully the aid signal could call the rescue ship within a few hours. During this time, a bath of dark energy might refresh (or depress?) your thoughts. It was the experience no one wanted to take by any mean necessary. Rubin Bones once described the feeling as "It depends on the position" he told "Freezing at the the end of the galaxy, or sunbathing at the surface of the star"


Author's Notes

18/10/22 - descriptions added
28/10/22 - placeholders added
31/10/22 - ???
1/11/22 - Finished!

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