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Terra Coriolis

The World of Poisonous Steel

This barren uninhabitable planet was once a human’s ambitious project to create an artificial planet from scratch, but soon it turned out to be the most radioactive man-made object instead.


The terrain is spiky and rough with rifts everywhere, some of the crust is pop out. Steel beams from its main structure are clearly visible. It also has a thin atmosphere left from the old world on the surface, the deeper into the core, the densier and radiated atmosphere.   Deep down there, the deadly red solid core is still rotating. It's very hot, radiate, and extremely dense, which make the gravity here extremely strong.

Fauna & Flora

There's possibly no biological living on the planet, except for scorched plants and charred skeletons lying around.

Natural Resources

It can various type of materials to be scavaged, however, most of them are radioated. These could be a former object of the victim of the disaster.


Some of the junks are the record from the inhabitats, combine with classified document aqquired from C.S.E.

At first, It was just an asteroid belt, orbiting around a white star at the habitable zone. C.S.E. saw an opportunity to built a new humanity milestone. If they succeed, it will become a new way of colonization.   They slowly constructing on the single body of it with those materials from the belt, the structure was design to be similar like the earth but had a size of the moon, with plenty of steel blocks jointed together. The surface are like any atmoshperic planet, except it had less water and full of cities. The essential part is the center mass because they use a nuclear power to heat, compress, and stir the molten core to simulate an earth's core, which generates the magnetic field. All controlled by humen.

The project was very success. At its peak, the planet held a population of 100 million people and could be more if everything works just fine. The people there felt weird that they were standing on the a bunch of steel but still comfortable, and they very happy about it.

Unfortunately, their peaceful life came to an end.

By unknown incident, a catastrophic flaw happened to the center, leading to an uncontrollable gravity and heat. The crust began to break down, things fall into a molten core, some explosion occurred which spread debris into space. At its last day, the whole structure collapsed into nothing but a giant, lifeless, hot steel graveyard.

Only a few million evaculated.


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