The Meltdown of the Coriolis Physical / Metaphysical Law in Confederate States of Earth | World Anvil

The Meltdown of the Coriolis

The gravity was getting stronger within a few minutes. And before the emergency alerted, my both legs were already crippled.
— Tervor Yin, one of the survivors

Day of the Chaos

In the summer of the artificial planet Terra Coriolis, everything was normal; People go to work and relax, cars floating around, and cities always shined. However, the signal of the danger is about to happen rising up from the planet's core.

The information logs sending from the control room before the meltdown, had shown the magnificant increment of gravitation force, radioactivity, and temperature in a short of time.

A few hours later, the effect started to show on the surface. Cars struggled to raise up on itself, so do people walking. As the time went by, surface began to sink in. the building started deforming, the atmosphere shrinking and densy, panic consumed all the people around thinking of getting out of there. The evaculation was too messy to control. Despite private ships, only a few millions out of 100 million successfully evaculated.

As the last few ships started flying out, they saw steel crusts underneath collapsed, revealing the bright, hot, red molten core. Any ships jumping too late was being pulled into it at incredibly acceration, making the incident more horrifled. A matter of seconds later, the entire planet was nothing but giant spike of radioactive debris.

The Aftermeth

The government set a court for the responsiblility from the creater Otherworlds Constrction Corp. When the months of trial ended, the case was closed and considered the situation as the natural disaster. However, the incident already damaged their reputation, making the planet-building more untrustful.


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