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Gio (Gai-oh)

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Lake Gios' Underwater City

Further away from the mouth of the Lake Gios, there is an unrecognizable ruin. Most of the debris has already been washed out and corroded. Little do everybody knew, it used to be the city of power around the lake until it was invaded, crumbled, and drown.


There are a very few population around the former city, living inside their newly-built shelters and the air-exposed old building from the past. They're usually foragers gathering unfarmable fruits and vegetables, and also some unknown preists.


It was found in the middle of the forest brimming with various edible vegetation, feeding with freshwater from the Lake. Many agure between that the city was found long before the Krin exist, also known as Gion, or it was a truly origin city of Krin as a whole, but everyone would agree the same that the city was heavily invaded by the mightly Krin army during their greatest - possibly between 1100 to 900 BVE. Most inhabitants were either killed or enslaved back to their glorier capital city of Knirk.

By the time their very last valuable had been looted, the city were damaged beyond recognizable. Buildings were either left abandoned, or demolished to gather the materials back to their capital. As nothing to be useful, it left ruined with sparse population.

In 747 BVE, the Krins decided to build a dam around the lake's mouth, causing water to slowly rise up until it completely submerged the entire city. No one would ever known it existed for almost eight centuries, spawning the local myths of The Sorrow City, the city that ruinned itself.

It was rediscovered again unintentionally when the dam breached in 3 BVE as a result of Battle of Lake Gios. The Valonians, and even Krins back then were shooked and wondered by how large this ruin actually was, even though it came with a cost of sacrificing thousands just to see the corroded grid of marbles.


The architecture here is similar to Krin style. Plenty of Marble structures such as posts, walls, and murals are recognizable around the ground.


Although the dam was breached, the base is left intact and taller than usual water level. In other words, the dam is still operating as a shallow reservoir. What you can see are the grid of crumbled buildings on a sloped shore toward the water, partially submerged, with a few inhabited houses visible.

1100 - 900 BVE

10 - 40
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Come visits Terraloga and the story of a fictional Ancient Roman trying to rule the world.

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Come visits Terraloga and the story of a fictional Ancient Roman trying to rule the world.