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"If the brain can control the fresh body like a puppet, wouldn't it mean we are possessing the meat machine?"   The quote his mentor told him once during the time at Candella still stuck inside his head. An artificial humanoid, nearly completed, would answer this question. The only thing that he needed before activated the body was the brain of an innocent. He already got one whom reminded him of Cara...

Mr.B is a Sungish citizen who used to work at Candella Corp. as the neuronscientist. The desperate need of recovering the lover's ghost and the self-isolation led to his ambitious yet illegal plan of her resurrection.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mr.B was born in Clayton. His parents were the workers at the local factory.

He was graduated from the University of Clayton at the age of 23 with the major of neuroscience, and moved out to Sungear shortly to seek an opportunity.


At Candella Corp., he joined the development of the human surrogate codenamed Synth: The surrogate built with life-like bionic limbs, organs, and skin. His job was to working on an artificial brain to work

Mental Trauma

At some time during the pre-alpha, the robotic engineer Cara was relocated to his team. It was the first time they met, and for a matter of time later, it became their first love. Their relationship became the key of the development, intertwined by his brain and her body.

Like normal couple did, they loved to agree most part of their life but also argue with each have different choice. Unlike ordinary one, it end in the most tragic ways. The last time they did, one of them lost forever in a car accident. This led to the Mr.B's insanity, his career stepped down, and eventually hidden from the world.

Personality Characteristics


All he need is Cara - nothing else. The advanced piece of technology in front of his workshop is the only thing reminding of their wonderful moment. If he could bring her back with this would be the best thing in life. And that's what he is going to achieve.


Contacts & Relations

Sometimes later, at his time in the Olde Sunny Pub, he met Cheryl. She hed reminded him of Cara, both the personality and the undeserved fate - a spitting image of his lost lover. They started dating, which seem to be normal. However, it's not the case. He had to make sure she'll become exactly like her. He doesn't want the new one, he want the old one. He need the old C.

Working in progress. Subject to change

Character Portrait image: by Adcheryl


Author's Notes

Mr.B is the main antagonist of one of my story, Plot II.

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