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007. A Guided Tour and Rewards Secured

General Summary

After coming back from a small fishing detour, Macca Ni freed the boar that he was planning to use as a mount. Having looked into his heart and finding it cruel to put the boar through such a thing.   The villagers of Eorls Gedreas discovered the latrine entrance to the The Blind Burrows. Gimdalf, having arrived after an extended chat with the Sapient Redwood, stalled their entry by setting the pile of leaves in the entry tunnel on fire, under the pretense of helping them clear it. He then proceeded to tell the villagers the tale of how The Legendary Beetles fought heroically to clear the dangerous grottos underneath their village. Kasdri Strongbraid wrote it all down.   Meanwhile Gram Crackers used the distraction to enter the Burrows via the lift entrance and loot some extra treasure from the area. Which she stashed in the river and under a large plant in the apothecaries garden.   After Gram had vacated the area, Gimdalf led the swineherd, the butcher and one of the puppeteers on a guided tour through the grottos. He avoided the area with the pile of bodies.   The villagers decided that the mess in the burrows should be cleared, lest it attracts dissease or dangerous creatures. The rest of the day was spent clearing out Giant Bats. The priest had set up a small bar at his chapel, which was used as a canteen. The Legendary Beetles participated in the barbequeing of a Boar that evening, and slept in the house of the late Odinel.   The following morning, the beetles bought a handcart from the stablekeeper and loaded their more unwieldy treasures on it. After some debate with Pwyl about payment they set off to Cadrryn's Manor, where Pwyl gives them a password for entering through the mental maze that surrounds the place.   Inside the ante-chamber of the manor Cadrryn's spirit secretary takes their message, which included tellin Pwyl to be less thrusting of stangers, and makes a sketch of Gimdalf for future contacting.   Further east in the Redwood Grove Gimdalf collects seeds of the rare Gebatomer Fire Flower.   The plan is to continue to Jafone and inquire about a way to the Underdark to get Nymatar Maeafin back home.  

Items gained

  • 200 copper, 70 silver and 12 gold.
  • One crate full of alchemical glassware. Carefully packed in cussion fillings.
  • A wooden handcart.

Character(s) interacted with

G.C.'s Journal
Returned the Bird
In-game date
3966-06-14 to 15
Report Date
29 Aug 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Active party members
Gram Crackers
Macca Ni


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