Sapient Redwood

Redwoods steeped in mystical energy. These ancient trees have gained some semblence of sapience, and can communicate simple concepts using telepathy. Their view of the world and the flow of time is not the same as those of other creatures: they are centuries old trees after all.   They are usually content to just soak in the sunlight and ignore the fast moving creatures around them. Should someone agitate them, they will first give the perpetrator a warning. Heed the warning, and nothing is amis. However, if the warning is ignored and the transgression continuous, Sapient Redwoods will use their roots to mercilessly dispose of those they deem a threat to the forest.   Ways to get a sapient tree agitated:
  • Chop trees, or otherwise knowingly harm nature. For example: Harvest rare plants.
  • Careless litering of harmfull substances.
  • Anything to do with fire, especially when burning wood.
Geographic Distribution


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