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Summer Reading Challenge!

This is the nice and relaxing part of Summer Camp, reading articles and enjoying other worlds. I read my first one before reading the rules... there will probably be more than nine articles here. But, I'm sure it will be fine. I'll group them by topic though and make sure I have three with at least three articles.   My summer camp was really busy with non-summer camp things, plus I have a hard time keeping my articles short and to the point. So, I only completed eight, which you can see here: Summer Camp 2023.   On to the fun part.. reading other people's articles.

A Powerful Organization

Drakos Prostatis by Cassie Storyweaver
  • A good look at political change and how the response isn't always good, regardless of whether or not the change itself is. Though I fully support people wanting and creating writing that's really optimistic or idealistc. Sometimes you just need a cozy story. I graviate more towards things that feel more, "real." Authors willing digging into the more complex side of humanity always suck me in.
  • Three Tails by Nimin N.
  • A articles that's to the point, but is still detailed. I am great with details, but usually fail miserably with the "to the point," part, ha. I really like their layout and that they added a viewer discretion panel. I really need to add that to some of my articles as well.

  •   House of Spies by LexiCon
  • LexiCon/WordiGirl has a lot of great articles and I highly recommend her page. The House of Spies was no different. It's a fun mix of dark and mysterious as well as fun. She has also taken time to make her page layout really match her world, which is something I still need to work on for my page.
  • Title and Responsibilities of an Important Person

      Archivist by Clarissa Gosling
  • A truly important position that, at one time, directly served the Emperor. The author has thought about their role once the Emperor has passed, which shows a nice long history of the world.

  • The Shephard by AsterVelo - A straightforward article about a religious leader. It is to the point and easy to read. Something I am not at all good at. Hopefully I can gain more inspiration from articles like this. The Grand Acquisitionist by Jonathan Osborne and Emily Twining - I love how this articles is written. It's not just a wiki "about" article but more of an article honoring the position. It's something you could hear at a ceremony, maybe passing the title from one person to another. It's a great way to share the information, but also make it an interesting read. I really want to incoperate this into some of my articles. Maybe all of them, eventually.

    A Building or Landmark used for, or associated with, Communication

      Zharen He Museum of Communication by Seraph Abell
  • A museum of old Earth communication devices, it's interesting to imagine what sort of things people, and other fictional beings, will find interesting hundreds of years into the future. This article doesn't feature just Earth tech, but also a historical creature who helped the newly arriving humans settle in.
  • The Shrine of Insight by MelissaPlaysRPGs
  • A shrine and a oracle who has seen beyond his own reality. A well laid out and writeen article. Simple but also clean. I really enjoyed this one.
  • Hedron Towers by kitoypoy
  • Great little article about communication towers that use a bit of magic and expand the network. Kitoypy also looked at the temptation to break into the towers and steal some of the tech, which is a nice addition. I work IT and I've been there as a tech going, "wait, what happened to my network?" (though in our case, it wasn't theft, but someone selling property and telco not telling us they were removing their things).


    An Organization for Which Recruiting or Proselytizing is Important

      White Mages by E. Christopher Clark
  • Ah, of course, a the racist group that thinks they know everything. There is some nice cheeky comedy here and a nice shoutout to George Carlin. He would, of course, in the words of the author, "hated these bastards."

  •   Etonia City Watch by George Sanders
  • Nice and to the point. I really need to take notes from articles like this. Great read, I really like the opening. It reads well and catches you.

    A Letter Sent in Secret by A Well-Known Person

      In Your Confidence by George Sanders
  • A fun little read, just go and take a peak, no spoilers.


    A System to Send Messages Between Distant Places

      Limani Supplies Dealer MEssaging System by Sh4d0wPh03nix
  • A very unique messaging system involving waffles, eventually



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    Aug 16, 2023 01:48 by Seraph Abell

    I had way too much fun with the Mysteries at the Museum vibes ngl.

    Oh yeah, I *love* my characters.   *puts them through hell and back*   I really love them.
    Aug 25, 2023 01:13 by Desdemona Rose

    haha, nice!

    Aug 25, 2023 04:11 by Melissa

    Thanks for sharing The Shrine of Insight. I appreciate all of the kind words and positive vibes. :)   Can't believe Summer Camp is almost over!

    Aug 26, 2023 08:44 by Nimin N

    Thank you so much for the feature! And yeah, the balance between staying on point and adding "enough" detail without losing the red thread is a challenge I struggle a lot with normally. With Three Tails, I think the time contraints actually did me a bit of a favor. ^^

    Aug 29, 2023 11:07 by E. Christopher Clark

    Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you caught the bits of humor in what is otherwise a kind of dark article. :-)

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