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Summer Camp 2023

Okay... the original goal didn’t happen. I have a hard time just writing articles and setting them free without a lot of research and at least a little editing. I’ll come back around and edit the ones below, again, at some point. But, for now, they will have to be.


  For power, I wrote an overview of one of my Vocations. There are thirteen of them. For a look into how they organized one of them check out Vocation of Education.   I still have a lot of work with writing out how the government system works. Stay tuned. It will hopefully come across as novel and interesting, but also feel possible.  


  Another area where I have a lot of work ahead of me. For now, though, I made a new article for a little island that will play a key role in future novels. Lilith Moon Island. I made a graphic for this one, which was fun. My next plan is to make a map of the area my entire population lives in. That one will be measured out and a bit more detailed.   Along with a location, I also made a character driven by wanderlust and the desire to explore - Naomi Azalea  
  • Also, a little hint at a big event that will take place during my novel series.



      The article I had the most fun with: My Beloved Nautilus. This ties into my current WIP, but takes place before the main events of the novel.   I ended up info dumping a lot of world building into this next one. It was the only place I had for it, for now. I will eventually pull it out and give the information its own article so this one will be more focused. But, if you want a look into the history and culture of Talitha Harbor, check out: Earthian Weddings.  


      I deleted and redid this article (which is hopefully within the rules... though I don’t see this one catching any prizes). This one isn’t complete, but still has a lot. A look at one of the more important devices to their culture: Digital Information Devices.  


      Their summer ritual. It celebrates throughout their entire population, but with variations between the different cultures. Emporium Under the Sun   Once you read about the Emporium, you can read about a mischievous creature that adds an extra challenge, and meal, to some of their festivities. Spikey Sand Crab or Susanoo Crab


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