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Rath'Mar, The Dark Place

Most people know better than to go into those ruins; even the Remnant Hunters know that to go in there is never to come out. - Wary Local

A Cursed Place

  While many ruins can be found across Embera and are considered dangerous due to their crumbling structures and being inhabited by Gloomspawn, some places are considered indeed cursed and not to be trespassed on at one's own risk. Rath'Marue is one of those places; it is here that darkness first sprang into the world, for it was the Dawn Age that came to an end with the clash between the Scions of the Dawn and the Harbinger of Darktide. The actual name of this city has long since been forgotten, with only one name being given to this place, Rath'Mar, the Fallen Light in the Dawish tongue. Since that time, no one has gone here because of the reason: believe that the power of The Gloom is believed to be the strongest here because of what had transpired so long ago. What is added to that belief is that. Unlike other ruins, nothing grows here, nor can any animals be found around them.   Those who come near the ruins often say that the only thing they hear is silence around them and a sense of dread that can be felt. It is often why no one stays around after dark, as no one wants to know what happens when the light fades, and only darkness remains. Some have dared to prove this to be nothing more than a superstitious rumor to scare people, only to go mad when they decide to be there at night, never uttering what transpired there. The biggest of these fools are the ones who decided to just go into the ruins to find out what is really in there. They are the ones that are never heard from again, nor are any remains found of them, with it being said that the Gloom swallowed them whole. No one continues to go near the place, for it seems true at this point, and whatever dwells in it should never be disturbed, or it may one day come out of it and bring its horrors into the world.

Dark Secrets

There have been many theories that scholars have determined to try and better understand these dark places, but I believe it should never come to light. - Arnon Sol
  Many have claimed that Rath'Mar holds all the answers on what truly happened that day that led to the end of the Dawn Age and more. Believing that discovering the truth might be a way to undo the Gloom's influence on the world, even a lost technology that can help hold back its power. Even if that were true, they would have to go into the ruins to find out, which is too dangerous for anyone to try. Whatever secrets are hidden here are to remain that way, and no one will uncover them anytime soon.

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