Tales of justice Three Card Loki

Three Card Loki

Life, Crime


With an unusual break-in to a concealed SAFEGUARD lab, a strange field ‘silencing’ the Vault, and Loki being unwilling to talk to anyone except Thunderstrike … Safeguard and Wyldfire must team up to unravel the puzzle of who or what is behind the thefts, and what has happened to Jeremy Ballard, Brian Tanner and Susie Dolfin when they were abducted while trying to stop the theft in Metropolis?

Greetings True Believers!


An explosion rocks the Quabbin Reservoir region! Dozens were hurt, but only three items were stolen? Then Hammer Empire arrived to rescue the trapped people … then leave? Meanwhile, the Vault’s alarms sound! There’s an escape … but a shimmering field suddenly renders all inmates and guards asleep? In Metropolis, at the Da Vinci exhibit … three children are abducted when they tried to stop three exoskeleton-powered thieves from stealing one of Da Vinci’s notebooks?


What a mess!


All this and more have brought Wyldfire and Safeguard together again! But what does it all mean?


Don’t bail out yet, True Believers! Our heroes may have a tough time of this one!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!

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