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Port of Friends

The Port of Friends was given its name by current city mayor Dánˈsö́má to present a welcoming image to outsiders. Sonchihilic was already essentially the gateway to the rest of Del, being the largest and most conveniently located harbour town on the Sea of Svarungh. However, the native Delfó people are not so keen on other cultures, and their characteristic disapproval of international trade has made it quite challenging for the mayor to expand his interests. And so, many such "public relations" campaigns are at work within the city.   Entering town, one is greeted by the Green Gate, named after the most sacred colour in all of Del. The two pennants that hang from it bearing the words "ˈmísaz" and "ˈámáüv" - "travel lightly" - reveal the city motto, its meaning again one of fair welcome, a benediction for a journey unencumbered by the weight of sorrow or strife. Beyond the Gate is the bustling Díb ˈfúaz Market, where the joke is one can become much lighter by spending one's gold there.   To the Gate's immediate right are found three groups associated by virtue of their clan totem with the waters, explaining why the Turtle, Frog, and Fish people make their precarious perch there. Turtle and Frog clans boast expert fishermen and sell their wares within town, while the Fish, unable to hunt their totem namesake, do so with other forms of seafood. Hilly Walk winds its way left of the Gate, up towards the ‘rilaz, the spiritual centre of town whose chimes, integral to Del religion, echo across the Poquin Coast.    

Harbour District in the City of Sonchihilic



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