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The Perch

The Perch is so named for being the highest point in Sonchihilic, and for the spiritual association of music and birds integral to religious traditions of the Delfó people. The largest building, the ˈfémchbac ("nest" in the Hezdel language) stands highest among others in the complex and can be reached only by way of a byzantine, and rather creaky wooden boardwalk, whose mazelike nature references the sorceress Nurhasi. In addition to being the founder of the Nurhetic Tradition, Nurhasi is considered a patron saint throughout the nation, and walking the labyrinth signifies a closeness with her journey along the path of Dreams. In the central Nest, congregants gather for silent meditation while chimes from the smaller Three Nests, nearby towers, sound...rather constantly, to foreigners' chagrin. There are no priests in the religion, per se (indeed, the Delfó deny their tradition is a religion at all) and the chimes as well as the services are tended to by a cycling number of the city faithful, in a manner mirroring the Umon system of rotational government. The view from on high, in combination with attunment to the chimes, is said to be able to bring about an instant state of spiritual awareness.

Religious District in the City of Sonchihilic

HEZDEL: ‘rilaz


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