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Díb ˈfúaz Market

There are said to be three beating hearts of the city: The Perch, its spiritual center, catering to the soul; the ˈKtö́gábac House, where Succulthagac is played, to nourish the intellect; and the díb ˈfúaz ("buy-everything") Market, where the best Del has to offer is on display, fine wares (mostly food) helping to sustain the vibrant physical wellbeing of the people.   Merchants ˈmö́mí and ˈgéchán specialize in fish; Ráˈxǘ and ˈmǘdrá, traditional baked goods and savoury dishes. Gésh is a master of odds and sods. Cǘbch and Ntúm are in the clothing business: the former offering whole cloth and linen, most woven locally but with the occasional foreign bolt; the latter, a tailor, selling ready-to-wear clothes, but taking custom orders happily. Bém and Bǘn, fruit vendors and brothers, are heard constantly trying to outdo the other with discounted sales. Yán's table presents the lavish spoils of area hunters. ˈbǘlxísh is a trader of spice. Blú sells traditional items - some used in worship, others native curatives. And then, there is Ect, an alcoholic beverage originally brewed to help tame stomachaches, but which of course in time found other applications. Old Blú sells a great deal of the stuff, and imbibes a fair bit more. Some consider him a kind of town mascot.

View of the Market District

Economic District in the City of Sonchihilic

HEZDEL: díb ˈfúaz ˈdö́ltbac


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