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ˈKtö́gábac House

The area is named for the most important structure in it, the ˈKtö́gábac House, a sacred buliding where the game of Succulthagac is played. In brief, Succulthagac is a tile-based strategy game whose rules derive from the real-life laws of certain clans, which vary based on each's patron Ntúazí, or totem. This particular ˈKtö́gábac House, the Grand Island Palace, contains two storeys and is able to house upwards of 200 people. Alcohol is strictly forbidden therein. The sound of súbüv ("bird") chimes sound throughout the day here, providing a meditative backdrop to the game, appropriate considering its spirituality-laden context.   The Manse of High Tribe, residence of the mayor elected to power via the Umon system (a form of rotational government unique to Delhiza), stands directly behind the Palace. The building houses the mayor and his or her immediate and extended families. The city sigil is prominently displayed within, its design comprised of the mayor's totem shield (in the case of the current mayor, Dánˈsö́má, the Snake) superimposed against a labyrinthine background symbolizing the sorceress Nurhasi. High-ranking dignitaries are traditionallyinvited to stay here as guests of the family, though non-Delhizans have found the arrangement somewhat awkward on account of the close quarters.   The yawning entrance to the immediate right of ˈbǘgág's Small Gate leads to the Deep Earth, an underground cavern where artisans and craftspeople create, due to the fecundity imputed to subterranean spaces in Delhizan lore.   The oddest feature of the area from an outsider point of view is without doubt the "Of No Point", quite literally a useless and frankly, dangerous pinnacle where the elevated passageways that connect the city open suddenly up to a sheer drop. For city residents, and those of the Delfó culture, such pointlessness attests to the obscured logic of everyday life, and celebrates the absurd and surreal.

Gaming District in the City of Sonchihilic

HEZDEL:ˈktö́gábac oˈbea


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