Spooktober 2023 Prompt 9: Sharp - Kuja's death

This is a meta article created for the 2023 Spooktober competition

For Prompt 9: Sharp, I have created art about the death of Kuja, the beheaded prince of Karte, and expanded his article

The image below contains graphic violence, hover over it to reveal it.
Similar to Kuja's one, a portrait of the moment of triumph that birthed the Irates has been half sketched and half modelled for a long while.   It's a gruesome portrait, but it's a key moment in one of the darkest plots of Symbols of Power. So this time, and after finishing Kuja's portrait in prompt 3, I decided to chop his head off and finally put it in the hands of the fossa pirate I had waiting there in my HeroForge account, and expanded on the details about Kuja's death and legacy in his article.
Character | Oct 24, 2023

Karte's prince, assasinated during the Irate invasion on Dia and whose skull turned into the Irate Symbol of Power


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