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Prerevo Potion

Created in 932, the prerevo potion has made the exploration of the Wastelands much safer. The prerevo potion essentially finds the rough magic density of an area. Different mixtures have been created to judge different ranges of magic.


The discovery of the potion is less circumstantial, and more inevitable. Ever since the creation of Mertush's scale of Magic Density, and ever since alchemists read about said theory, there have been those seeking this potion. It was known that some ingredients and mixtures would react to the amount of magic in the air, but the difficulty lay in two factors.

First, the reaction needed to be easy to read by eye, and not too dangerous. Something that came to a boil in high density magic would simply be too dangerous, and a flavor change is simply to minute to track. Researchers quickly decided the best solution would be a color change, but that brought them to the second problem.

If a potion was to track how much magic was around, it would have to change colors multiple times. If nothing else, it would have to have multiple options for the color. If someone needed to carry around twenty different potions and check each individually, it would miss the point of the potion.

Therefore, the ideal potion would need at least five different reactions, none of which would interfere with each other. From 615 AD to 931 AD, this potion was the golden goose of alchemy research. Finally in 932 AD, Lamežu Dailen created a working prototype recipe. The potion had fourteen active ingredients, and five colors. Each color represented 1/5 of the density scale.

Later, in 946, Dailen would refine the recipe to create a more specific potion. This second potion was far more useful for the general public as it only tracked one through four on the scale, much closer to what most people actually encounter in the eastern coast.


The potion is primarily used in conjunction with mawàmortu crystal or gwáute cactus to explore dangerous magical environments. The crystal and cactus is used to shield someone from the dense magic, and the scout will check the potion every 500 steps to make sure that the group isn't heading into a dangerous area.
Prerevo means 'rainbow' in Rubefiàn
Yiselxà Academia
Access & Availability
Semi-rare, created on request
Mertush's Scale Examples
Mertush's Scale goes from 1, no magic, to 10, near crystallization. For more info, please read the Ambient Magic guide.

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