Star wars: shards Battle of Gap 9

Battle of Gap 9

Life, Crime


These are not the smuggled contraband artifacts that you are looking for. Move along, prisoner.

A Galactic Empire strike team captured a civilian passenger ship full of future mining slaves, "arrested" and "convicted" the mass, and put them to work on an out-of-the-way planet full of old ruins. With his Army minions supervising the day-to-day work, "mining base commander" Colonel Solias Traft collected ancient artifacts, reported them "destroyed", then smuggled them to a grey-market art dealer.

His plan ran into a few snags: one of the passengers on that ship, just trying to travel from a point A to a point B, was a still-fully-licensed private investigator named "VN Ysadora".
Who liked stormtroopers.
And liked keeping up to date on the laws of the Galactic Empire as codified and published, at least until her recent migration to the Tapani Sector made access to recent news a little difficult.
And did not at all like what Traft was up to.
And had a pesky ability to ignore Stun for a few seconds.

Eventually the TBs and TKs on base learned what Traft was doing; they put a stop to it and turned Traft & his Army coconspirators in, along with scads of evidence.

Jedi Master Sel Zan Bromis was the author/inhabitant of a Jedi scroll that Traft looted at some point and Vanya found.


Sig Coven, art dealer, sold Traft's contraband to Mrlsst grey marketeers


Biker Scout squad got rescued from 2-headed dogthing by Padawan Ysadora, then arrested her; good men. Some later had a change of heart about the Empire.

  • TB2182/Piotr, biker scout sergeant
  • TB1512/Ivan
  • TB1732/Motya

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