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Sel Zan Bromis

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 1.15 "Battle of Gap 9"

Jedi Master Sel Zan Bromis

VNY's notes:

Author (or, depending on your point if view, "inhabitant") of a Jedi Scroll which Solias Traft looted at his illegal dig site. I found it in the course of poking around at everything. I am bringing it back to Bossman to figure out what to do. This guy (or digital content modeled after the guy, if you like) does not think I am a particularly good idea for the Jedi Order.
I can't say he's incorrect, exactly ... but I sure can say he's wrong! And I did. He does not like how I am being trained.
- database entry updated Satunda
23 Yelona

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

pretty good posture for a dead dude
Aligned Organization


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