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TB1512, Biker Scout

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 15.0 "Battle of Gap 9"

(a.k.a. Ivan)

VNY's notes:

Not a bad guy, but leery of being tempted to the light side.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While assigned under Colonel Solias Traft in the Tapani Sector, TB1512 was captured by Padawan VN Ysadora during her investigation of a passenger-liner-ambushing slavery ring and archaeological looting. The biker scout later returned the favor, capturing Ysadora for Colonel Traft.
This prisoner was able to cite regulations by section and paragraph of current (or recent) Galactic Empire law, establishing that Colonel Traft's orders to his forces were in direct contravention of Emperor Palpatine's public proclamations. She further specified, correctly, that such illegal orders were a direct violation of the storm troopers' standing regulations.
The Navy sided with Traft ... but then, they would, wouldn't they?
In the end, the biker scouts led their fellow storm troopers in capturing Traft and dismantling his artifact-smuggling ring, preserving evidence for the Imperial investigators they would soon contact.
Aligned Organization


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