Star wars: shards Safe


Life, Crime


A tedious investigation of a kidnapping resolves itself far too easily; this is the prologue to

For four days, Gregor's minions have been searching the planet Drasen for Alexandria Vorstepanov the kidnapped daughter of Count Sebastian Vorstepanov -- who, in turn, owns the last fully functional shipyard in Alliance-controlled Tapani space. Despite holorecordings from neighborhood businesses of the actual kidnapping, and long hours of exhausting work, no useful leads have turned up. The investigators meet at a local bar to compare their scanty notes and brainstorm new approaches, when suddenly the kidnapped girl runs by, being chased by her captors -- obviously a nearly-successful escape attempt!


Gee, that was easy, wasn't it? Anybody else have a good feeling about this? No? Hmm.

  So many quotes, so little time ....  
Khun saved all our asses from a deadly sniper, because Khun is simply that tough.
— conclusion of "Safe", Star Wars: Shards of Honor

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