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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 48.0 "Tales from the Cantina: Fragile Delivery"


Cewixi Hotwings…..7.99c
Delonian Fruit Soup…..6.95c
Fluorescent Lumarian Bio-Paste…..6.95c
Main Courses
Cream of Gibralkian Locust…..5.75c
Kzarn Bloodsuckles and a side of Dynasian Sugar Peas…..5.99c
Kartorian Bibblewhack and a side of Preformed Algae Shapes…..4.95c
Pagolian Poultry Sticks with Kambezian Cattle Flakes…..5.99c
Pickled Jellyfinch Tusks served on a bed of Dynasian Sugar Peas…..4.85c
Sliced Pligon Bits on Flot-Bread with Spiced Nerf Blood Dipping Sauce…..5.60c
Open-Faced Roasted Gau Nuts in a Veloxian Cheese Sauce…..5.60c
Ploymanti Bushmeat on Rye with Corbomite Jelly…..7.99c
Zodian Composite Burger and a side of Zorellian Mustard…..7.95c
Side Orders
Cewixi Hotwings…..1.70c
Mingalingi Wantons…..3.60c
Nekkarian Skull-Muffins…..4.95c
Blurkinated Tonic Water…..2.95c
Fizzy Velucian Oilade…..2.90c
Keugga-Leaf Tea…..1.40c
Liquidized Squail Blubber…..1.95c
Shelaxi Fire Juice…..2.99c
Vangorian Squid Ink…..2.99c

Purpose / Function

Yellow Sector cantina designed to serve the needs of physical labor workers -- especially construction industry contractors -- living on or overnighting through Port Santiago on the central side of Calipsa Run


VNY's notes:
Sinclair's is … special.
It's a roughneck bar, probably previously a machine shop forty years ago. Since then it's been in use as Sinclair's, some of the tables are reshaped parts of ships (complete with blaster scores on them!).
The bartender is human but ought to be a Wookiee by size.
There's a lacquered dartboard, no darts, with blaster score marks. Various vibro-rapiers and swords hang on the wall behind the bar. Off to the far end of the bar is a …?
deli meat slicer?
with a drip pan underneath. Behind that is a ?former? hibachi grill.
One of my earliest mentors in the private investigator career had this rule: "Never think while you're eating." I'm going to mark Sinclair's down as a place where that rule does not apply, because you want to consider your physiology before you pick something off this menu.
That said: The "spiced nerf blood dip" is not any of those things. It's mustard mixed with watered-down root vegetable broth. If you're among the omnivorous through facultative carnivore range of carbon-based sentients, the sliced pligon bits (I don't want to know what a pligon is!) sandwich is pretty good. If you're an obligate carnivore, obviously you're limited to the hotwings, the poultry sticks with cattle flakes, or maybe the bibblewhack -- but stay away from the Gilbrakian locust unless your system is okay with lysate biology.
- database entry updated Datunda
34 Relona
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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Author's Notes

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