Star wars: shards Tales from the Cantina: Fragile Delivery

Tales from the Cantina: Fragile Delivery

Life, Crime


Civil War burns across the Tapani Sector. Houses are divided. Brother against Brother. There are heroes and villains are on both sides.


Along the Calipsa Run, at the edge of the Nella System, is the starbase Port Santiago. There, the Private Dancer drops out of hyperspace on its final approach to the station along with dozens of other cargo freighters.


The port bustles with activity from refugee ships and freighters to a damaged Alliance cruiser in need of repairs. Ships from all different systems move through cargo of all kinds. Somewhere among the flow of ships, a deadly cargo sits in a silent hull ... an illegal cargo bound for the black market provided it isn’t discovered.

Fragile Delivery: Eleni Benacor
Report | Dec 25, 2019
Fragile Delivery: VN Ysadora
Report | Dec 25, 2019
  So many quotes, so little time ....  
I might as well burn more stuff!
Greelo during a fire on a space station; Tales from the Cantina: Fragile Delivery;Saturday, March 9th, 2013
Khun, where are you!
Eleni Benacor, upon being told we can claim ships as salvage while we are trying to solve the Reaver problem; Tales from the Cantina: Fragile Delivery; Saturday, December 15th, 2012

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