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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 16.0 "The Jedi Citadel"

Sergeant Rico mission report:


I see why Vanya normally does these in small snatches. You have to get everything down while it's fresh in your mind. Then you can go back to make sense of it later.


At which point, you realize three-fifths of it at least is going to be of no interest to your commanding officers, but somebody might need any tidbit years down the road.


Oakhurst is a decent "city" for a backroads section of a rural population area. Lots of Barnaba Province is laid out with incredible calculation. They want to make sure any sightline of a visitor gives the kind of satisfied feeling that leads to spending more credits. But they want to do it while maintaining the conservative nature of House Vorbarnaba culture.


Then there's Oakhurst, which does not expect much in the way of tourist traffic. Their streets are mostly straight but not at precise angles to each other. Their buildings are a regular mix of sizes and styles. The city obviously grew in whatever direction happened to make sense for the immediate needs over time.


They do horticulture here. Not only growing food crops, but doing it in an aesthetically pleasing way. And why not? I just saw a qiraadish the size of my head. It was being chopped up for garnishes like that one was not worth entering in the farmers' competition. If that one is "meh", what does an "impressive" qiraadish look like around here?


Oakhurst was founded during the ... says here, "Twelve Kingdom Era" and gives a number more than ten thousand standard years ago, that is old, okay then ... founded during the Twelve Kingdoms Era by a Herglic named Keltar Groebas.


As of fifteen years ago, it was run by some Vor with the "Vorfalin" name. Darth Blockhea-- 'scuse me, that's a Vanyaism. Darth Feyd showed up one day in one of his moods. He killed all the Vor on-planet and then dismantled their houses, burned down the farm, and salted the soil. Asanti soil don't care about salt much more than it cares about normal growth cycles.

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